How to Create Jewellery Packaging for Independent Brands?

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This article will show you how to display your bling in an irresistible way. Jewellery creation is your passion, so we know how much time and effort you put into it. Most people don’t want to think about packaging. Making an impression can be easy with these simple ideas. As a blank canvas, packaging can be used for anything you want. Simple is good to start with. Adding a few extras will make it stand out! There’s a lot of personality in your package. You can get a one-time customer or a repeat customer by paying attention to your packaging. We’ve got some jewellery packaging ideas for independent brands that will help you sell your jewellery online or at the arts and crafts show.

The Adhesive Flap Hanging Top Bag for Jewellery 

Because this is the clearest bag in the industry, it is perfect for jewellery packaging. The seams are laminated and reinforced to avoid tearing or bending under loads. You won’t have to worry about your little beads spilling out of your top-loading bag if the bag is bottom-loaded. The bag flap comes with a resealable adhesive strip. It is ideal for people who only need to use a small amount of your product or who wish to examine it ahead of time. However lightweight they may be, brooches and large stones are still safe inside. It’s not a good look for your bag to be littered with crumpled necklaces. The necklace will hang nicely on the front of the card if you insert a card that has a notch on it. Make a smaller plastic bag out of the necklace and attach it with tape.

Window Boxes Made With Kraft Paper

It’s like framing a piece of art with a window box. Another eco-friendly packaging option is the Kraft version. A necklace, charm, bracelet, or pendant display looks great with these. This box has an organic, natural look thanks to the brown material. These boxes look fantastic when filled with natural stones and beads. If you want to use these custom jewellery boxes for giving gifts, then they can be styled with ribbons, bows, or twine. Herbs, stamped designs, and cutouts can all add colour and texture. A limited budget can be easily met with these simple but effective ideas.

Boxes with Hanging Clamshells

The bags don’t appeal to you? Why not try a box? You can also use clamshell packaging that can be hung from shelves if it is durable. It’s evident that these boxes function similarly to clams despite their different looks. They are made up of two halves attached to one another. A secure, air-padded container is created when these halves meet tightly. With these puncture-resistant boxes, you can protect your bags from sharp-edged jewellery. It feels solid to hold these boxes. You can rest assured that your product is protected by the tight closure. Materials will be easily accessible to your customers. They look fantastic with fine earrings, hooks, bracelets, and beads.

Kraft and Clear Pillow Boxes

In addition to making memorable gift packages, pillow boxes also look great lying flat. These boxes are best suited to necklaces and rings with thicker stones because of their slightly rounded, arched shape. Rings can be placed in these boxes because they are small enough. The necklaces wrapped around the cardstock and placed inside boxes have been displayed by many people. This pillow box stands out due to its unique shape. Gift pillow boxes can be made with simple bows or twine. If you want to give the Kraft version a handmade feel, add fabric, lace, cutouts, and ribbons. Almost everything you already own can be reused for little or no cost. Make sure your customers are getting a package that is unique to them.

Glassine Envelopes for Gifts

A glassine envelope has a unique, high-end look. Necklaces, rings, and earrings with chains are suitable for these. These frosted and translucent envelopes look absolutely stunning with gold or silver pieces. A glassine envelope is not like a plastic bag. A piece of adhesive keeps them closed. Although these cannot be shipped, they make a stunning gift package.

Branded Mailers for Jewellery

Business owners can enhance their brand identity and provide a superior customer experience with custom boxes Australia. Jewellery is becoming more competitive as the online market continues to grow. Using attractive packaging will make their experience enjoyable. Avoid bland plastic mailers, cardboard boxes, and plain paper envelopes. Customise your packaging with your company colours, logo, and visual identity by branding or customising your boxes, envelopes, and poly mailers. Make sure the package’s contents are organised using custom inner packaging. Fill voids with printed tissue, foam inserts, and dividers. Organise your items by separating them and wrapping them in brand-specific bags.

Sum Up

You don’t have to spend a lot on packaging to make it popular, nor should it be difficult! Your packaging can be made personal with a few extra touches. These ideas offer plenty of choices for your business, whether you’re preparing products for retail or giving them away as gifts.