Spotify’s TV app just got a big redesign – here’s what’s new

Spotify is redesigning its Smart TV app, aiming to make it easier for users to discover content. The company says it wants the TV experience to be similar to what you find on mobile devices and desktops.

According to the announcement, it will have a brand new homepage with “shortcuts to favorites, recently played audio”, as well as a Made For You playlist at the top. Second, Spotify is introducing a Now Playing view that lets people control what plays next in the queue. Before, listeners couldn’t change anything. They could only see what was going on. Third, Dark Mode is finally coming to the TV app. Activating the mode will “dim the screen and soften the images.” Background images are replaced with a pitch black display. What you see are the music player controls, the name of the song, the artist performing it, and at the bottom the About the Artist section.

The new dark of the Spotify TV app

(Image credit: Spotify)

The final feature is Account Switching which, as the name suggests, allows friends or family members with access to switch between profiles so they can enjoy a customized experience. You can do this by selecting the profile image at the top right of the screen and then choosing one of the accounts.

Spotify TV's new Account Switching app

(Image credit: Spotify)