What is OnlineCheckWriter and How Does it Work?

OnlineCheckWriter is a web-based software and service that offers a solution for managing and automating check writing and check printing processes. It’s designed to streamline the check-writing process, making it more efficient and convenient for businesses and individuals. OnlineCheckWriter offers a range of features and tools to help users create and manage checks, pay bills, and keep track of their financial transactions. Here’s how it works:

Create and Customize Checks: Users can design and customize their checks by adding their company logo, changing fonts, and adding security features. OnlineCheckWriter provides templates and tools for creating professional-looking checks.

Input Payee and Payment Information: Users can enter the payee’s information, payment amount, date, and other relevant details for each check. The software stores this information securely for future use.

Check Printing: OnlineCheckWriter allows check printing on blank check stock using their regular printer. This eliminates the need to order pre-printed checks and can save money.

Check Mailing: OnlineCheckWriter also offers a check mailing service, where users can send physical checks to recipients without having to print and mail them personally.

Check Deposits: Users can track check deposits and reconcile their accounts by marking checks as cleared when they are deposited or cashed.

Integration and Sync: OnlineCheckWriter often integrates with accounting software, banks, and financial institutions to sync transaction data and streamline the reconciliation process.

Security: The software includes security features to protect sensitive financial data. It may include features such as MICR ink for check printing, encryption, and secure storage.

Check History and Reporting: OnlineCheckWriter provides users with a history of all checks written and allows for generating reports for better financial management.

OnlineCheckWriter can be beneficial for various users, including businesses, non-profits, and individuals, as it simplifies the check-writing process and can save time and money by reducing the need for pre-printed checks and manual check handling. Users typically pay a subscription fee for access to the OnlineCheckWriter platform, and the specific features and pricing may vary depending on the plan chosen.