Ex-NBA star Joe Smith insists video showing him discovering his wife is on OnlyFans was NOT a stunt… revealing he’s been staying at a hotel since the incident

  • Smith says the video resulted in a “real problem” between him and his wife
  • He says he’s not sure what will happen next with his marriage as a result
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Former NBA top draft pick Joe Smith insists the video of him discovering his wife, Kisha Chavis, has re-entered the X-rated business via OnlyFans was not a stunt.

Speaking to YouTube channel VladTV, Smith says cynics who think the video was a way to promote himself or herself are wrong.

“No, that’s not what happened and that’s not what’s going on right now,” Smith said.

‘It’s a real problem. The video hurt, but also the fact that the way I had to learn about the OnlyFans page is something that also hurts.”

“I wouldn’t put my business out there, I wouldn’t put something like that out unless it was really official, and I didn’t do this, so it hurts,” he added.

Ex-NBA player Joe Smith says the video of him learning about his wife’s OnlyFans wasn’t fake

‘It’s painful and I have to listen to people’s opinions about my relationship every day, all day, and that’s something I never wanted to be involved in.’

Smith also admitted that he has been staying in a hotel and has not spoken to his wife since the incident, adding that he does not know what will happen to his marriage.

Chavis is a former adult actress and shared footage of the moment he heard about her joining the website.

‘Those are bulls***. That sucks Kish,” he is heard saying. “I can’t believe I’m sitting here and finding out you have OnlyFans. After all these years.

‘Are you recording me? What the hell are you doing? It’s disrespectful, first of all.”

Chavis is heard replying to Smith by saying, “My body, my damn choice.

Ex-NBA star Joe Smith was filmed discovering his wife has a secret OnlyFans account

Ex-NBA star Joe Smith was filmed discovering his wife has a secret OnlyFans account

Former NBA star Smith told Kisha Chavis it was

Former NBA star Smith told Kisha Chavis it was “bulls***” and “f***ed.”

‘You knew who I was when you met me. I thought I would never have to go back to something like this again. But unfortunately that is not the case at the moment.

“I asked for solutions to shit, you didn’t give me one, so I made one. You act like that’s all I do.’

Smith is said to have earned approximately $61 million during his playing career, although it is unclear how much of that fortune is left.