Nick Kyrgios squashes beef with Drake after rapper said tennis star ‘hurt him’ when he blamed a bad performance at Wimbledon on Canadian’s ‘trash’ music

  • Nick Kyrgios has squashed his issue with Drake
  • The pair got into an argument over a 2014 comment
  • Canadian rapper Drake says Kyrgios is his favorite player

Nick Kyrgios joked “sometimes my life isn’t real” after rapper Drake slid into his DMs to tell him he was “hurt” by comments made by the tennis superstar almost a decade ago.

But the Australian has squashed his feud with the Canadian sensation after Drake admitted he was his ‘favorite tennis player’.

The feud between the two dates back to 2014, when a young Kyrgios blamed his poor third-round performance at Wimbledon, in which he edged past Czech Jirí Veselý, on Drake’s music.

‘I came out very flat, so hopefully I won’t listen to that again! It was actually Drake. That didn’t work out for me,” Kyrgios said after the match.

Drake responded to the then 19-year-old tennis star’s comments, saying he wanted to “chop him to pieces” after his disrespectful comments.

Kyrgios shared the exchange on Instagram

Drake (L) and Nick Kyrgios (R) have squashed their beef, the tennis star has revealed

Drake said he was

Drake said he was “hurt” by Kyrgios’ comments about his music nearly a decade ago

“I also want to meet this guy who says he lost because he listened to my music,” the rapper said. “I also want to meet that guy and look him in the eye and see exactly who he is as a man, measure him up and then chop him up.

“Nick, whatever his name is, because he didn’t win, so that’s how he’ll be remembered: ‘Nick, whatever his name is.’

Kyrgios went on to beat Rafael Nadal in a breakthrough performance that has seen him become one of the most divisive personalities in tennis.

And now the Canberra-born star has revealed that Drake recently contacted him directly to lament the ill will between them and admit Kyrgios is his favorite tennis player.

“When you said I was trash it hurt me because you were honestly my favorite player,” he wrote.

Kyrgios replied: “Haha, I didn’t say you’re trash. I love your music, my brother…I hope you are doing well.”

Drake then wished Kyrgios well, with the Aussie sidelined with yet another injury.

“We will be in touch shortly,” he said. “Quick recovery, my man.”