Aaron Rodgers’ brilliant surprise for Jets fan before Raiders game… injured QB bumps into supporter wearing his uniform and says: ‘Nice jersey bro’

  • Aaron Rodgers saw a Jets fan wearing his jersey before Sunday’s game
  • Rodgers was also pictured spending time with Raiders WR Davante Adams
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A Jets fan in Las Vegas had an interesting encounter with Aaron Rodgers prior to New York’s game against the Raiders on Sunday.

The supporter posted a photo with Rodgers on social media Saturday evening, surprised by the NFL legend.

He was wearing the injured quarterback’s uniform at the Aria hotel in Vegas when a stranger complimented him on his choice of jersey. He initially thought it was just another fan.

The caption for the photo read, “*Someone taps me on the shoulder,*” “Nice sweater bro,” Jets by a million tomorrow. I’m in shock now. #Take flight’

The fan later spoke to MLFootball where he told the full story of his encounter with the quarterback.

A New York Jets fan ran into Aaron Rodgers in Las Vegas wearing the QB’s jersey

The fan dressed up as Rodgers for Halloween and even wore a hiking boot

He posted his amazing run-in on social media

The Rodgers superfan also dressed up as the QB on Halloween, weeks before meeting him

“My back was turned the other way and he was walking through the entrance/mezzanine of the Aria, and as he passed me he said, ‘Nice sweater, man,’” he recalled.

‘I said, ‘Yessir, go jets!’ But thought it was just another #JETS FAN.”

“And by the grace of God, this man across the hall shouted, ‘DO YOU even know who that is?’ And I immediately thought RODGERS’

“So I chase him down and ask him to take a picture, he was so nice.” I told him, “I can’t wait to see you THIS YEAR and he gave me a real nod and thank you.”‘

‘Aaron said, “Thank you for wearing the jersey and supporting us.”’

Rodgers was also pictured spending time with Raiders WR and close friend Davante Adams

Rodgers was also pictured spending time with Raiders WR and close friend Davante Adams

The fan later revealed that he even dressed up as Rodgers on Halloween.

The encounter with the fan was not the first time Rodgers has been seen in Las Vegas this weekend. He was also featured in a photo posted to the Instagram story of Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams.

Rodgers and Adams played together for eight years with the Green Bay Packers and formed a strong bond both on and off the field.

Shortly after the trade deadline, reports emerged that the Jets were trying to trade for Adams amid the Raiders’ chaotic season, but Las Vegas had no plans to ship the six-time Pro Bowler out of town.