REVEALED: Explosive text messages from jockey Jamie Kah as hearing into ‘white powder’ scandal commences at Victorian Racing Tribunal

Superstar Aussie jockey Jamie Kah has given her version of events on the first day of her explosive ‘white powder’ hearing before the Victorian Racing Tribunal.

On Monday, Kah brought out stable hand Ruby McIntyre as the person who filmed the controversial video that was leaked to the media.

The jockey, who just rode six winners at the Melbourne Cup Carnival, claimed she was unaware McIntyre was recording her cut lines of a mysterious white powder with an ID card.

“People say I should have known, but I didn’t know she was making that video,” Kah said during the hearing.

“I received the screenshot of the video the night before it was released to the press.”

Jamie Kah says she didn’t know stable hand Ruby McIntyre was filming her cutting lines of a mysterious white powder

Kah says she got the screenshots of the incident the night before it went to press

Kah says she got the screenshots of the incident the night before it went to press

When asked what she would have done if she had known a video was being recorded, Kah replied: “In a polite way, I would have kicked her out and been very angry that the video was being made, made sure it was deleted or disappeared and not sent to anyone.

‘…I told the stewards that the next day after the incident she thanked her for coming and I said don’t worry, that was the only text. (That was) four days before I knew it.”

Kah said McIntyre – whom she had met just six hours earlier – never sent her the video footage, nor indicated she would share it with others.

The jockey said the photo selfie was taken by her that night, but “I wasn’t sure where that photo would go.”

The hearing was told that Kah had texted the groomsman in the half-day period before the explosive images were published in the media.

“What the hell are those pictures doing around,” Kah wrote. “Who has them?”

When asked why she texted McIntyre, Kah replied: “I wanted to know who she sent the videos or photo to.”

‘To this day I still don’t know how they ended up in the media. She (manager Emma Shelley) doesn’t know how they got there, I don’t think. I think she has her assumptions.

Kah texted McIntyre asking what was going on

Kah texted McIntyre asking what was going on

‘I don’t know who the intermediary was who sent them to the media. Apparently someone she sent the video to, and the video disappeared from someone.”

Kah had also texted her boyfriend Jacob Biddell saying: “Tell her (McIntyre) not to post anything. Such a fucking bitch.”

McIntyre admitted during the hearing that she “quickly recorded” the video and “sent it to only one other friend.”

“Yes, I probably did (hide the recording of the video),” she said.

When asked how she recorded the video, McIntyre replied: “I was standing across the table and on my phone, close to my body, it wasn’t something very obvious, not in anyone’s face.

“I don’t think Jamie or anyone else would be happy with a video that goes beyond that. No (I didn’t tell Kah/Jacob Biddell that she took the footage). No (I didn’t send them).”

The groomsman reportedly captioned an image, sharing: “Something to add to the list of things I never thought I’d do: drink coke with Jamie Kah and another friend at her house until 3am night and stay overnight.’

McIntyre explained that the caption was not written by her.

“I’m not sure where the actual messages, the photo and the screenshot, in this format (evidence before the tribunal) came from,” McIntyre said.

Pressing the caption, McIntyre explained, “As far as I can remember, I didn’t write any of these things…I’m not sure who it came from…everything in that screenshot isn’t from my phone, isn’t from me. ‘

Kah’s lawyer Matthew Stirling objected to the focus of text messages that stewards said proved Kah lied about her knowledge of the meeting when interviewed by stewards.

Kah’s manager Emma Shelley texted McIntyre to “delete every photo and that Instagram.” Deny, deny, deny.”

Kah told the stewards she would voluntarily take a drug test “because that (drug use) is not something I would do or would do if I try to get back into racing.”

A drug test conducted yielded a negative result ‘for all substances’.

Kah confirmed that she has never tested positive for drugs.

The case has been adjourned until November 27.