Samsung breaks own embargo by unveiling T5 Evo 8TB external SSD on its site for $650 — just be prepared for the sticker shock and the slow speed

You can buy the world’s largest true portable 8TB SSD directly from Samsung for just $650 just in time for Black Friday (check out our Black Friday SSD deals). The Portable SSD T5 Evo (aka the MU-PH8T0S/AM), also available in 2TB and 4TB, is now offered with a 7-day delivery time, but you can buy it a little cheaper at ShopBLT And PCNation.

The first of its kind, this external SSD uses the Evo branding of Samsung’s own in-house SSD range, which focuses on value for money rather than performance. It also has a new rectangular design that is markedly different from the flat design used by competitors – many of whom have repackaged an 8TB 2.5-inch SATA SSD.