6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Furniture Mover

Many people underestimate the complexities of moving furniture. So, how can you ensure a smooth process?

Hiring a furniture mover can help you keep everything stress-free. But to avoid pitfalls, you want to know how to avoid the common mistakes when hiring movers.

Here’s a look at six common mistakes to watch for when choosing a furniture mover.

1. Not Researching the Moving Company

It’s crucial to take your time to do thorough research about the moving company of your choice. It means checking their website, reading online reviews, reaching out for references, and confirming their credentials.

These details help you make sure you’re dealing with professional and reliable movers. Moreover, it helps you feel at ease knowing your belongings are in good hands.

2. Choosing the Lowest Quote

Many people pick the furniture moving service that offers the lowest budget. But the truth is, the best local moving company isn’t always the cheapest.

Instead, they offer cost-effective services that grant you top-notch quality for the price. Some also offer more than what you can expect for the cost!

So, it’s best to look into their range of services and see how it aligns with their fees. You should also consider their credentials, background, and reputation when assessing rates.

3. Not Getting an In-Home Estimate

Many recommend hiring furniture movers with an in-home estimate. Otherwise, you might pay more than you intended to due to hidden charges.

An in-home estimate allows the mover to assess your furniture and other belongings. This way, they can give you an accurate quote that includes all the potential costs.

It comes in handy, especially when you have lots of fragile or luxury furniture that requires extra care when handling.

4. Failing to Ask About Extra Fees

A common mistake homeowners make when hiring furniture movers is not clarifying the breakdown of fees. As a result, you can potentially go out of budget by the time you pay for the service.

If an in-home estimate is not available, list the specific qualities of your furniture and ask about each of them. For example, if there are extra charges for heavy furniture or accessing a high-floor apartment.

This way, you can set your budget accordingly and avoid surprise payments.

5. Not Discussing Insurance Coverage

It’s crucial to discuss insurance coverage with the moving company you choose. This way, if anything happens during the move, you can get proper compensation.

Note that not all companies will offer this. So, it’s best to clarify it before you make an agreement with them.

You can also check in with your insurance company to see how you can get coverage during the move.

6. Not Planning in Advance

You should make advanced plans before hiring a furniture moving service to avoid rushed decisions. It should include deciding your priorities and knowing exactly what services you need most.

Starting early also gives you more time to consider your options and figure out the best ways around it. This way, you can create a hassle-free experience for everyone involved.

Hire the Ideal Furniture Mover With These Tips

By knowing the common mistakes when hiring a furniture mover, you can ensure the process goes smoothly. It makes you feel protected and at ease because you know you’re picking a reliable service. At the same time, it lets you enjoy an efficient and stress-free move!

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