Declan Rice struggles with his scalpel while Kieran Trippier can’t stop shaking as England’s footballers do their own Great British Bake Off under Paul Hollywood’s watchful eye

Declan Rice had a nightmare during a gingerbread match between England stars, while Kieran Trippier couldn’t control his hand.

The Arsenal midfielder was unsure how to use his scalpel to cut out the shape of his tasty humanoid treat.

Trent Alexander-Arnold stormed the competition but ex-Liverpool teammate Jordan Henderson moaned he was ‘crumbling’ in the high-pressure match.

They may have graced football’s biggest stages, but the English stars were pushed to their limits in a 35-minute Channel 4 Great British Bake Off special presented by Paul Hollywood.

Rice struggled to determine how to hold the scalpel.

England stars Kieran Trippier (far left), Declan Rice (second from left), Jordan Henderson (second from right) and Trent Alexander-Arnold (far right) all took on the Great British Bake Off challenge

Declan Rice struggled with his scalpel during the Bake-Off match between England players

Kieran Trippier pointed out that his hand was shaking during the pressure baking competition

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He read the instructions and said, “Place the cardboard template on the cookie dough and carefully cut out the football player shape.

‘What am I cutting, this? I don’t even know how to use it!

“I don’t even know where I’m going, what I’m doing.”

He was later heard screaming for help after encountering problems transferring his creation to a baking sheet.

Steven Gerrard, midfielder Jordan Henderson preferred Paul Gascoigne, while Kieran Trippier opted for Wayne Rooney – although it might have been hard to tell from the final product.

Across the room, Trippier chuckled at Rice’s shortcomings, but he was not free from his own.

“Look, I’m shaking!” He said, showing his restless hand. Trippier admitted he felt ‘more nervous doing this than playing football’.

Jordan Henderson tried to steal Trent Alexander-Arnold’s flour and complained he was ‘crumbling’

Alexander-Arnold appeared to have the best time, but the final results will be visible on Channel 4’s YouTube channel from 5.30pm on Friday

Meanwhile, Henderson seemed to be doing well but was self-critical. “Come on man, give us a break. “I’m just crumbling,” he said.

He seemed to have it in for his Alexander-Arnold, after first trying to steal his flour and then stopping him in the kitchen.

Alexander-Arnold rose above his competition and highlighted the path he could take after his football career.

The right back beamed and received a positive report from host Hollywood.

He said: ‘I made fondant once and it was delicious. It was moist, it never dried out, it never collapsed, it seeped out. It was absolutely breathtaking, you know?

Paul Hollywood didn’t hold back with his feedback at the end, with the footballers enjoying mixed success

“I’m going to play Stevie G (as my gingerbread man). My idol growing up, my idol from England and Liverpool, pays tribute.”

Hollywood told him he had it ‘in the bag’ and ‘don’t worry about the other boys’ as the Liverpool star flourished.

‘Keep it quiet. I don’t want to discourage the boys, so keep that between us,” Alexander-Arnold joked.

However, despite his confidence, viewers will have to wait until 5.30pm today to see who will be crowned star baker when the full video is released on Channel 4’s YouTube channel.


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