Hannah Montana actor Mitchel Musso gets public intoxication and theft charges dismissed… after he denied drinking and stealing a bag of chips

Mitchell Musso, the actor best known for his role in Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana series, has had multiple charges dropped against him after he was arrested in August.

Musso, 32, was arrested at the time on charges of public intoxication and theft.

He was accused of stealing a bag of chips while drunk from a motel in Rockwall, Texas.

But a city representative told me Entertainment weekly It was announced on Thursday that the case against the actor had been dismissed.

Shortly after his arrest, Musso had denied being “drunk” or stealing the chips, and instead claimed that a belligerent clerk started an altercation with him.

For the record, former Hannah Montana actor Mitchel Musso, 32, had charges of public intoxication and theft dismissed following his arrest in Rockwall, Texas, in August, EW reports; seen in 2018 in Hollywood

Although a city representative shared that the case against the former child star had been dismissed, no reason for the dismissal was given.

They added that any further information gathered during the investigation, as well as any police body camera footage, would not be released because Musso had not been convicted, the spokesperson said. TMZ.

“In our previous conversation, I predicted that the truth would inevitably come to light, and that has indeed happened,” he said in a statement to EW on Thursday.

He expressed “my sincere gratitude to my family and my dedicated team,” but called the past few months a “challenging period.”

“Despite the less than ideal circumstances, I sincerely wish the well-being of everyone involved as we move forward. My current focus is on completing my upcoming album, and with the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA strike, I am now turning my attention to upcoming film and television projects as well,” he continued.

Musso added that he was also involved in establishing solar farms in Tatums, Oklahoma.

“I also think it goes without saying at this point that even though I wasn’t party to a Ruffles heist, I still absolutely love my Ruffles,” he joked in closing.

Although the charges of public intoxication and theft were dismissed, the city representative confirmed to EW that the additional charges against Musso for having an expired registration, failing to produce a driver’s license and breaching a promise to appear had not been dropped.

Remaining charges: A city representative confirmed the dismissal but said the bodycam footage would not be released. Charges for expired registration, failure to produce driver’s license and breach of promise to appear were not withdrawn; seen in his August mugshot

Fighting back: Musso previously claimed he was wrongly arrested. He denied being drunk and stealing a bag of chips, as police accused him of; seen in 2010 in West Hollywood

Shortly after his arrest, Musso claimed that he was the real victim of the whole ordeal.

Musso claimed that Entertainment weekly in August that it was the motel clerk who became combative with him, rather than the other way around.

It was previously reported that he was released on a $1,000 bond shortly after being booked.

Musso, who is best known for playing Oliver Oken opposite star Miley Cyrus on her Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, stated, “I was absolutely not drunk or drinking, and there was 100 percent no theft.”

He added that the situation was “unfortunate” but “a misunderstanding.”

Police officers had originally responded to the SpringHill Suites Dallas Rockwall in response to reports of a “disturbance” involving a man who “appeared to be intoxicated.”

Musso allegedly entered the hotel, grabbed a bag of chips from the food concession area in front and ate from them without paying, local police said. rack about the issue.

But the actor denied ever opening the bag of chips, claiming to EW that it was the front desk employee who caused the commotion, not him.

He said the employee seemed “extremely dissatisfied” and accused them of “unhinged behavior” for allegedly refusing to serve him because he was only wearing swimming trunks.

“I didn’t know it was illegal to not wear shirts these days,” he said.

Although many businesses explicitly prohibit service to customers without shirts or shoes, it is also common for hotel guests to move through the lobby and hallways shirtless after using the pool.

The SpringHill Suites Dallas Rockwall website indicates that there is a pool on site.

According to Musso, he was walking to the hotel from a nearby boat docked and planned to buy some snacks at the supermarket to supplement what he and his friends had already consumed on board the boat.

Conversely, Musso was arrested for allegedly verbally harassing a hotel employee and eating from an unpaid bag of chips, but he claimed he never opened them and that the employee was belligerent toward him; seen in his mugshot from the weekend; seen in 2009

No shirt, no service: He said he went into the hotel to buy snacks after getting off a docked boat with friends, and the employee told him to leave because he was shirtless; still from Hannah Montana

The actor and musician said the front desk employee seemed “agitated from the start,” and he claimed they ripped a bag of chips out of his hands.

“He told me to ‘get the hell out’ were the words he used,” Musso claimed. “And that turned me off. And he said, ‘I’m going to call the police,’ and I said, go for it.”

The original police news release stated that Musso became “verbally abusive” after the employee allegedly asked him to pay before leaving the hotel.

However, Musso claimed that he was “the one who was verbally abused and also harassed.”

“Someone ripping something out of your hand is not the most polite thing to do in this situation,” he continued.

A manager at the hotel in question described the situation as “sensitive” to EW and declined to speak about the details of Musso’s allegations.

However, when asked about his claim that it was the employee who harassed him, the manager responded, “You know what, he can say whatever he wants to say. That’s his story, that’s fine.’

In his interview, Musso added that the first officers who intercepted him at the scene told him that the hotel would not press charges just because the situation would apparently change.

“And then the brigade came,” he said. “There were literally ten, eleven police cars, twenty officers outside surrounding me and that’s when I got scared.”

He continued, “I closed my mouth and just put my hands behind my back, because that’s where it was going to start, and I let them take me in.”

Police originally said they determined Musso was intoxicated — although the statement did not detail how that determination was made — and that he was subsequently arrested.

After officers ran his records and found outstanding warrants, he was also charged with having an expired registration, failing to produce a driver’s license and breaching a promise to appear.

Musso claimed it was two unpaid traffic tickets from 2019 that were “ultimately the reason why they arrested me.”

Silence: A hotel manager described the situation as “sensitive” and declined to comment on the details of Musso’s allegations; still from Hannah Montana

Mix up: Musso claimed he wasn’t drunk and said police arrested him for outstanding traffic warrants, which he claimed was a misunderstanding. He said they were paid off after his arrest; seen in 2018 in Hollywood

He claimed their unpaid status was a simple misunderstanding.

“I haven’t lived in Rockwall for years and I think they sent it to my old house there,” he said. “And it had become an order and they used it against me. So since then, all those warrants have been paid and the case has been resolved.”

“The truth will come out,” Musso continued. “I’ve never stolen anything in my life and I didn’t steal any chips, and I wasn’t drunk or drunk or drunk or inappropriate with anyone in that hotel.”

He added that he “loved his hometown” but said it was “really sad that it has come to this.”