IDF uses tanks to mark the Star of David onto the floor of Hamas training ground in Gaza City where the terror group trained fighters

The IDF used tanks to mark the Star of David on the floor of a Hamas training ground in Gaza City, where the terror group has trained fighters.

The tanks are seen in footage shared today roaming the ground on a battle-worn strip of land with Israeli flags displayed.

They are then displayed in a line that blows out blue and white smoke as the final product is displayed.

The formation, carried out by fighters from the Golani Brigade in the Kativa outpost, was part of a ceremony in memory of comrades who have fallen since the start of the war, said IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari, who posted the video on X.

Hagari wrote: ‘In the parade ground of the ‘Kativa’ outpost in the heart of Gaza City, where terrorists of the terrorist organization Hamas were trained, fighters of the 13th and 51st battalions of the Golani Brigade performed a combat ceremony in memory of their comrades who have fallen in battles since the beginning of the fighting.”

You can see the tanks roaming the ground on a battle-worn strip

They then form a line that blows out blue and white smoke as the finished product is on display

He said that Hamas and GAP terrorists held parades and ceremonies at the site, and that nearby Hamas terrorists wanted to massacre Israelis on October 7.

Haragri continued: “The soldiers of the Golani Brigade held a battle formation on the spot as a mark of remembrance and remembrance of the 72 martyrs of the Golani Brigade, their comrades who fell in the battles since the beginning of the fighting.

“At the place where the terrorist organization Hamas organized and trained its forces, Golani’s 13th and 51st battalions chose to deliver a clear message to the organization’s operatives.”

He added that Golani Brigade troops fought Hamas terrorists on the morning of October 7 and suffered many casualties.

He said: “Today, Golani fighters are fighting intense battles deep within the territory of the Gaza Strip, thwarting and damaging the terrorist infrastructure of the terrorist organization Hamas.”

The tanks could be seen flying Israeli flags

The tanks can be seen in a line marking the Star of David on the ground

A row of tanks at the edge of the formation. Hagari said that Hamas and GAP terrorists held parades and ceremonies at the site, and that nearby Hamas terrorists wanted to massacre Israelis on October 7.

A photo taken from the Israeli side of the border with the Gaza Strip shows clouds of smoke during the Israeli bombardment of the Palestinian enclave on November 17, 2023

A man walks among the rubble of destroyed buildings after the Israeli attack on Nuseirat Camp, Gaza on November 17, 2023

Hagari also noted that the IDF and the Golani Brigade are assisting the relatives during this difficult time and that the commanders and fighters will continue to assist the families at the end of the war.

Israel has concentrated its heavy bombing and ground offensive on Gaza City and this week announced the seizure of the parliament building, government buildings, Hamas police headquarters and a key port.

On Saturday, the IDF said soldiers from the Golani Infantry Brigade had led “important” battles against the Sabra-Tel al-Hawa battalion of the Hamas terror group in the Gaza Strip in recent days.

It said the Golani Brigade and the 53rd Battalion of the 188th Armored Brigade carried out raids in the southern part of Gaza City’s Sheikh Ijlin neighborhood, involving “significant fighting with Hamas terrorists.”

The forces killed several Hamas operatives and destroyed the Sabra-Tel al-Hawa battalion’s infrastructure, including tunnel shafts, rocket launchers, weapons depots and observation posts, the IDF said.

Israel has pledged to eradicate Hamas in retaliation for the October 7 attacks.

Since the war began, about 1,200 people have been killed in Israel, mostly in the initial attack, and about 240 people have been captured by terrorists.

According to Palestinian health authorities, which do not distinguish between civilian and terrorist deaths, at least 11,470 Palestinians – two-thirds of them women and minors – have been killed since the war began. About 2,700 people are reported missing.

An IDF soldier makes a heart with his hands while sitting in a tank on November 17, 2023

Fighting raged in the Gaza Strip today, almost six weeks after a shock attack by Hamas led to brutal bombing and a ground offensive by Israel.

The United Nations was forced to halt deliveries of food and other supplies to Gaza and warned of the growing possibility of widespread famine after internet and phone services collapsed in the besieged enclave due to a lack of fuel.

Israel has announced that for the first time it will allow two tankers of fuel into Gaza every day for the UN and communications systems.

On Thursday, Israeli forces searched building to building at Gaza’s main hospital, as Hamas said the army had “destroyed” parts of the complex where concerns had grown over Palestinians being held there.

Soldiers have entered Al-Shifa since early Wednesday in pursuit of a command center they say the terrorists built beneath the complex, a charge denied by Hamas and the managers of the hospital that has become a flashpoint of the war.

The Israeli military said it has found guns, ammunition and explosives at the Gaza City hospital, as well as computers and equipment containing “information and images about the hostages” taken during Hamas’s shock attack on Israel on October 7.

The body of a woman captured in the attack was also found near the hospital, the Israeli military said.