Luis Diaz scores twice in three minutes for his emotional father – days after being released by kidnappers – to seal Colombia’s sensational comeback win over Brazil

Luis Diaz’s father watched from the stands as his son scored two goals in three minutes to propel his Colombian side to a comeback victory over Brazil on Wednesday night.

Luis Manuel Díaz was reunited with his son in emotional scenes two days ago after being released last week following a 12-day ordeal with his captors. He was visibly overwhelmed as his son became the hero on the field with a stunning performance.

Diaz scored two late goals against his Liverpool teammate, Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson, in the 75th and 78th minutes of the World Cup qualifier.

His father looked so overwhelmed that he almost fell to the ground after the second goal, as he was mobbed by the euphoric fans around him in jubilant scenes.

Before the match started, he shook hands with fellow supporters who welcomed him to the stadium in Barranquilla.

Luis Diaz’s father was visibly overwhelmed by his son’s heroics in the match between Colombia and Brazil

Liverpool star Diaz scored twice in three minutes to lead his team to victory over Brazil

Colombia’s attacking play was almost exclusively dependent on Diaz.

The striker almost scored after dribbling past several Brazilians in the 30th minute and was stopped by goalkeeper Alisson on two more dangerous shots in the second half.

Diaz equalized in the 75th minute with an easy header – he didn’t even have to jump before causing pandemonium with what turned out to be the winner.

‘He’s a friend, he’s suffered a lot lately. This goes beyond football,” Alisson said. “But we leave here disappointed.”

Armed men on motorcycles kidnapped Díaz’s parents on October 28 from a gas station in the small town of Barrancas.

His mother, Cilenis Marulanda, who was also in the stands on Wednesday evening, was rescued within hours by police who set up roadblocks around the city of 40,000 people, near Colombia’s border with Venezuela.

After the kidnapping, special forces were deployed to search for Díaz’s father in a mountain range spanning Colombia and Venezuela. Police also offered a $48,000 reward for information leading to him.

It was initially unclear who carried out the kidnapping. The Colombian government subsequently announced that it had information that a National Liberation Army (ELN) unit was responsible. during the kidnapping,

The group later acknowledged the kidnapping, saying it was a mistake and that top leadership had ordered the father’s release.

Diaz’s parents were taken during peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the guerrilla group. Authorities arrested four suspects last weekend.