Olympic legend Usain Bolt dresses up as A Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddy Krueger in bizarre advert… but can you figure out what he’s promoting?

Sprint icon Usain Bolt has dressed up as film and TV villain Freddy Krueger for a bizarre advert.

Krueger was created by American film director Wes Craven and first appeared in the 1984 film A nightmare on Elm Street.

Krueger, who kills his victims in their dreams and in the real world, has been featured in film sequels and television shows, including Freddy’s nightmares.

Now, Bolt has donned Krueger’s famous Fedora hat and recreated his famous bladed glove for an advertisement.

At least, at first it looks like a bladed glove. But upon closer inspection, it turns out that Bolt actually has ink cartridges instead of blades, since that’s the product he’s promoting.

Usain Bolt has dressed up as Freddy Krueger for a bizarre ad to promote ink cartridges

Bolt posted the photo of himself as Krueger on Instagram and captioned the image: “If you thought Freddy Krueger was scary. Don’t risk running out of ink.

‘Sign up with ReadyPrint, Epson’s ink subscription service, and choose from a range of flexible plans starting from just €0.99 per month. Never run out of ink again.’

The image of Bolt channeling his inner Krueger is surprising for the former track and field star, who has kept a relatively low profile since hanging up his running spikes in 2017.

However, this is not the first time he has pretended to be someone for an advertisement.

In 2012, he jokingly tried to impersonate Sir Richard Branson for a Virgin Media commercial by sporting a blonde goatee – the British businessman’s signature look.

Bolt won eight Olympic gold medals and eleven world championships in his glittering career, with many considering him the greatest sprinter of all time.

Bolt won eight Olympic gold medals in his career as he became a global superstar

Bolt performs his famous ‘lightning bolt’ celebration, but he has kept a relatively low profile in recent years since retiring from athletics

His world records for the 100 and 200 meters remain intact, both set at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin.

After retiring from athletics, Bolt briefly pursued a career in football and was offered a contract by Australian side Central Coast Mariners in 2018.

However, he left the club just eight weeks later, declaring shortly afterwards that his ‘sporting life was over’.

He has since featured in Soccer Aid to represent the Rest of the World team in the annual charity match that raises money for UNICEF.

Bolt has played for Soccer Aid but declared his competitive sporting life was over in 2019