The world’s WORST football scran: Fish in a bun, a mystery ‘meat’ sandwich in Vietnam, and Budapest’s 80p onions on toast will leave you more than Hungary

No one goes to watch football just for the hot dogs and hamburgers at halftime. And usually there is a strong reason for that.

Of course, several stadiums around the world have mastered the art of matchday meals, keeping football supporters satisfied and well-fed with affordable meals while watching their respective teams live.

Some, on the other hand, serve food that defies description for all the wrong reasons.

As football’s top stars fly around the world on international duty, Mailsport takes a look at some of the world’s worst dishes being served in stadiums this season.

And most of them have to be seen to be believed…

Mail Sport takes a look at some of the world’s worst food being served in stadiums this season

No fan goes to watch football just because of the food, but it is a big part of the game day experience

Sheffield Wednesday (England) – Philly cheesesteak, £5

If you were hoping for a taste of Philadelphia, you’ve come to the wrong place. This £5 Philly cheesesteak in Hillsborough looks woefully unappetizing.

In any case, it looks perfectly like Sheffield Wednesday’s football this season: bland, dry and tasteless.

The £5 Philly cheesesteak from Sheffield Wednesday in Hillsborough looks woefully unappetizing

AZ Alkmaar (Netherlands) – Hotdog, £4

High, wide and not very handsome. This Dutch hot dog may be a bit bigger, but it won’t win any prizes in terms of presentation. Either AZ no longer had finger rolls, or they preferred to eat sausages in extra-large buns.

If anything, the £4 hot dog looks rather sad and lonely. At least they provided ketchup. . .

You’d probably be very disappointed if you spent £4 on this hot dog at Dutch club AZ Alkmaar

Haiphong FC (Vietnam) – ‘Meat’ sandwich, £0.67

What can you buy for less than a pound in today’s economy? Well, this bun-filled ‘unknown meat’ only costs the equivalent of 67 cents at top Vietnamese club Haiphong FC.

Not one for the faint of heart.

Vietnam’s Haiphong FC is reportedly selling a ‘meat’ sandwich for the equivalent of just 67 cents

Wycombe Wanderers (England) – Hot Dog, £6.50

Back to England and hot dogs now, and there is very little positive to say about the Chairboys’ sickly sausage.

Even the bread can’t hold it anymore. And this will cost you €6.50 back!

There is very little positive to say about Wycombe Wanderers’ rather sickly looking sausage

Your browser does not support iframes.

Your browser does not support iframes.

Tow Law Town FC (England) – Hot Dog, £2.50

We had to walk quite a distance through the football pyramid to do this, but non-league team Tow Law Town have served up a stinker here for £2.50.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a hot dog as ‘a hot sausage served in a long bun’. I’m not sure if this qualifies…

Non-competitive Tow Law Town serves this ‘hotdog’ for the relatively modest price of £2.50

Red Bull Leipzig (Germany) – ‘Fish in a sandwich’, £4

If you order Leipzig’s Fischbrotchen, directly translated as ‘fish in a roll’, you would be forgiven for expecting it to be battered and crispy. Don’t make that mistake.

Not only is this fish still scaled, it’s so big it’s trying to escape the £4 sandwich.

Fischbrotchen, directly translated as ‘fish in a roll’, is sold at Bundesliga team Red Bull Leipzig

Aston Villa (England) – Sausage Roll, £4.80

Aston Villa has been on fire this season under Unai Emery, so much so that it has spread to the kitchen.

This supporter’s €4.80 sausage roll has been burnt for so long that even the fan at the front turned around to take a look.

Aston Villa are on fire under manager Unai Emery, so much so that they have burned the sausage rolls

MTK Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Fat Bread’, £0.80

If you thought English hot dogs looked uninviting, take a look at Zsiros kenyer, the Hungarian delicacy also known as ‘fat bread’.

Red onions, butter and peppers on bread… it’s a no from me.

The Hungarian delicacy known as ‘fat bread’ consists of red onions and peppers on bread


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