Dolly Parton’s trainwreck interview: Kyle and Jackie O scold their producer after he goes rogue with Q&A with the music legend

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson have called out a producer of their radio show for being guilty of villainy during an interview with Dolly Parton.

‘Intern Pete’ Deppeler interviewed the music legend for the hit show KIIS FM, but the conversation quickly derailed.

Deppeler asked the iconic country singer a question about her Hall of Fame induction before cutting the 77-year-old off midway through her answer.

He then asked Dolly to rate his own performance as an interviewer, before asking her to sing a duet with him and quickly admitting that he had no more questions.

A bewildered Jackie O said: “How come you ran out of questions when you just asked her age? [about] the hall of fame?’

“You should have asked about Miley and there’s so much.”

Kyle agreed, adding, “How did you ultimately decide you were going to do the Dolly Paton interview?”

‘Enough is enough. You’re getting a lot of rope here… There are a million questions.”

Kyle and Jackie O then praised Dolly for handling the chilling interview “so well” and asked for another chat with the music star.

Dolly Parton’s trainwreck interview: Kyle and Jackie O slam their producer after he goes rogue with Q&A with the music legend

‘Intern Pete’ Deppeler interviewed music legend Dolly for KIIS FM’s hit show, but the conversation quickly turned sour

It comes after The Kyle and Jackie O Show was recently plunged into chaos after a producer unexpectedly quit mid-show, causing it to be taken off air.

The duo presented their show as usual earlier this month when their non-binary producer Kayla made the announcement.

When Kyle heard the news, he was so shocked by it that he spilled the coffee they gave him on the computer, causing the system to short out and take it off the air.

‘We’re in a weird studio because I smashed all the computers. Non-binary Kayla came in and told me the very sad news,” he later told listeners.

A bewildered Jackie O said, “How come you ran out of questions when all you asked was her age and hall of fame?”

‘They abandon us and start living their own lives. As they were handing over the coffee, I grabbed it and was so shocked I spilled the coffee all over the equipment.”

The shock incident left the breakfast show off air for almost an hour while technicians worked hard to repair the studio and Kyle and Jackie O were moved to a nearby studio.

Fortunately, their technicians managed to get them back on the air and Kyle thanked them for their hard work.