EXCLUSIVE: Tara Reid is embracing ageing as people are ‘picking on her’ less and have FINALLY stopped judging her on her American Pie days

Growing older is no easy task for a wealth of Hollywood stars, but not for Tara Reid.

The actress, who has been plagued by intrigue over her weight, is embracing “getting older” now that people are bothering her less — and she’s finally breaking free from the shackles of American Pie.

Tara, who played Vicky in the hit comedy franchise, is gearing up for a career revival and claims movie bosses are finally offering her ‘mature’ characters because it no longer ‘makes sense’ to cast her in younger roles.

The much-loved star, who celebrated her 48th birthday earlier this month, told DailyMail.com: ‘I like getting older, I think it’s a good thing. I think getting older gives me time and makes people realize, “Hey, why are we into this girl? There’s no reason, she said so many good things, she had so many good movies. What has she done that we “Bullying her and not letting her go back to work?”

Tara Reid has revealed she ‘loves getting older’ and has predicted a ‘big change’ in her career

Tara, 48, admitted she ‘looks up’ to her American Pie co-star Jennifer Coolidge, 62

Jennifer and Tara at the 2012 premiere of American Pie: Reunion with Seann William Scott (left) and Eugene Levy

The actress continued, “So I think a lot of that is going to change and I feel like a lot of the powers that be have changed in Hollywood as well. There are a lot more younger people now, so there’s not as much judgment. I think you’re going to see a big change in my career and I’m very excited about it and believe me, I’m ready for it.

‘People will see that they cannot judge me. I’m 48 years old now, you know what I mean? You can’t judge me from the age of 25. It doesn’t make sense, I grew up.’

While there aren’t any major gaps in her resume, Tara has struggled to land blockbuster roles in the wake of the first two American Pie films.

When asked if she is preparing for a comeback, she said: “I didn’t leave, you guys just didn’t hire me.

‘But I feel like times are changing. I feel like more people are interested and calling and asking, “What’s her availability?” There’s more to it and I just feel it inside, I have a feeling. You just know something, and that’s how I feel about what’s going on right now.’

She is keen to emulate the success of her American Pie co-star Jennifer Coolidge, 62, who enjoyed somewhat of a career renaissance when she was cast as the unforgettable Tanya McQuoid in HBO’s hit television series The White Lotus.

“To go that route, she just came out of nowhere and then took it to another big level, and she really showed a different side of herself and that would just be the ideal,” Tara said.

‘She’s someone I look up to. And if I could pick a career that would blossom like this, that would be my ultimate goal for this year.”

Jennifer has won several awards for her role as Tanya in The White Lotus, including a Primetime Emmy, a Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Television Award.

Tara recently celebrated her 48th birthday with a night out at a fancy restaurant in West Hollywood

Tara praised Jennifer for showing “a different side of herself” when she played Tanya McQuoid in the HBO series The White Lotus

Tara and Jennifer pictured with their American Pie co-stars (L-R) Thomas Ian Nicolas, Mena Suvari and Chris Klein

When asked if awards are important to her, Tara replied: “I would love to get one and of course have it. Yes, because who wouldn’t do that?’

Her comments come after she shut down rumors and speculation that she has an eating disorder in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Inquisitor.

“I am not anorexic and never have been,” she told reporter Derek Warburton.

‘And I definitely don’t have bulimia. I’m afraid of throwing up, so that’s not going to happen. And I love food too much.’

Looking almost unrecognizable in the accompanying photoshoot, the Josie and the Pussycat star was heavily made up and styled to the nines for the photos as she insisted she’s fed up with people talking about her weight.

‘Anyone who says I have anorexia or bulimia is wrong. So stop it. Leave me alone. Let me point out something else, but not these two things. It’s not right,” she said.