Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis carted off the field with GRUESOME leg injury via a hip drop tackle… the same technique that injured Ravens TE Mark Andrews


Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jordan Travis was taken off the field in a game against North Alabama after suffering a serious foot injury.

Travis was looking for a win when he was hit by linebacker Shaun Myers, who performed a hip-drop tackle.

Myers’ body weight landed directly on Travis’ foot, knocking it to the side and causing immediate pain to the quarterback.

Travis immediately signaled to the sideline for help and the game was temporarily halted.

The quarterback was carted off the field and backup Tate Rodemaker stepped in to replace him.

Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis was carted off the field after suffering a foot injury


At the time of the incident, the Seminoles were down 13-0 late in the first quarter against North Alabama, an FCS team.

However, the ‘Noles scored 24 unanswered points and went into halftime up 24-13.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston – who was honored along with the 2013 national championship team – had nothing but kind words and thoughts for Travis.

“I just want to keep encouraging him to stay resilient and keep persevering. I think he epitomizes that with his journey, his college football career.

“He had one of the best years ever in college football, man. And I’m grateful that I get to wear his jersey and the meaning of his number, because we won the championship in 2013 and he was one of the best quarterbacks this year, man.

“I just want to keep lifting him up. Just keep your head first, be steadfast, strong and courageous because the Lord has a plan for you that no one, no one can ever imagine.

‘So stay resilient. He did that. So I know he and his family are going to be praying for his family. He’ll be fine. I know he will.’

A hip drop injured Travis just days after the same fate befell Ravens TE Mark Andrews

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said he will petition the NFL to review Andrews tackle

The hip-drop tackle has received more attention in recent days – especially after Ravens tight end Mark Andrews was injured on the first drive of a Thursday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Andrews was tackled by Logan Wilson – who performed the hip-drop maneuver and landed right on the foot of the Baltimore tight.

A hip-drop tackle is a technique in which a defender wraps his arms around a ball carrier and then swings his weight around and falls onto his opponent’s leg.

Landing the entire body weight on the leg increases the number of serious knee, ankle and foot injuries.

Andrews isn’t the only person to fall victim to a hip-drop tackle this season. Seahawks QB Geno Smith also had a similar incident against the New York Giants earlier this year.

The tackle is not banned at the college or pro level, but more and more players and coaches — including Ravens coach John Harbaugh — have asked the NFL and the NCAA to assess whether it can be removed from the sport.