Kevin Porter Jr’s ex-girlfriend Kysre Gondrezick BLASTS prosecutors for providing a ‘false narrative’ in his assault case: ‘They compounded my trauma more than the actual experience’

WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick has fired shots at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office over the “false story” surrounding Kevin Porter Jr.’s assault case, while even her attorney against Alvin Bragg and Co. tells them to “just be honest, for God’s sake.” .’

The 26-year-old, 6-foot-1 guard told me TMZ Sports that she has repeatedly denied that her ex-boyfriend assaulted her in September and that the prosecutor’s handling of the incident “exacerbated my trauma even more than the actual experience.”

She also claimed that she provided officials with a statement a week after Porter, 23, was taken into custody and that her original criminal complaint was taken far out of context.

Now she is asking the Manhattan district attorney – Alvin Bragg – to actually come out and explain her version of the events reported to authorities.

Gondrezick insists she fell and hit her head after Porter, who was expelled from the OKC Thunder shortly after his arrest just over two months ago, “abruptly woke her up after a night out.” She also stays true to her truth, which is that Porter “never hit her.”

WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick wants the Manhattan district attorney’s office to stop the false story about the Kevin Porter Jr. case.

Kevin Porter Jr. appears in Manhattan District Court for a status hearing following his arrest in September

‘KPJ’ is facing allegations that she punched Gondrezick multiple times and also strangled her, resulting in a fractured vertebra in her neck and a cut around her eye.

It was later revealed that Gondrezick suffered a neck injury before Porter allegedly laid hands on her.

Gondrezick also claims the crack on her face occurred after she fell, pointing to a makeup smear from the hotel room where she was staying with Porter as evidence.

Porter was initially arrested for assault and strangulation, but prosecutors in New York dropped the charges due to lack of evidence.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is under pressure to get the right version of events in the assault case

Gondrezick continued TMZ Sports that she speaks out out of fear of being silenced by the authorities. Additionally, she wants those who led the “false narrative” in the case to be held accountable.

Gondrezick’s attorney, Bobby Altchiler, also said the former Indiana Fever player has received death threats over the mishandling of the case.

He, like Gondrezick, wants the Manhattan district attorney’s office to review the information it has in its file regarding the assault case between the two basketball players.

“Just be honest, for God’s sake,” he said TMZ Sports.

Porter is due back in court later this month.