Oil spill seen on the track after drivers parade before Las Vegas Grand Prix… as more issues surface before the race even begins

Workers rushed to clean up an oil spill on the Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit just over an hour before the lights went out.

At some point during the drivers’ parade, a leak from one of the antique cars the racers were in began spilling oil.

Reports indicate that oil was leaking from a 1950s convertible carrying McLaren driver Oscar Piastri.

Piastri also rode with teammate Lando Norris. Additionally, Lewis Hamilton was spotted working alongside Sergio Perez, lending credence to reports that the Mercedes driver’s classic car was also leaking oil.

The left side of the track seemed to be the most affected by all this, which could pose a problem for Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

“That’s an absolute shame for those on the inside,” F1 commentator Danica Patrick said in Sky Sports’ pre-race coverage.

‘This will mean a loss of control. This is very unfortunate. I don’t know what they can do about it.

‘Will they be able to let cars drive over it sooner? Probably not. It is a busy network. This is a problem.’


Workers try to clean up an oil leak on the grid just before the Las Vegas Grand Prix