The top ten Bluey episodes revealed: Viewers vote for their most loved moments on the hit children’s show

ABC children’s TV show Bluey has revealed the episodes most loved by viewers.

Fans were invited to vote and Australia’s favorite episode of Bluey is Cricket, a runaway winner.

There were 5,800 votes separating Cricket from the runner-up, which went to Baby Race.

Featuring Blue Wiggle and Anthony Field as the voice of Rusty’s father, Cricket portrays the great Australian past of community cricket as the fathers struggle to take down Rusty.

Cricket was first broadcast on ABC Kids and ABC iview in June this year and attracted more viewers than Australia’s World Test Championship match against India in England.

ABC children’s TV show Bluey has revealed the episodes most loved by viewers

Joe Brumm, creator/showrunner of Bluey, said: “Cricket entered every corner of my life as a child. It was just always there.


1. Cricket

2. Baby Race

3. Grandma mobile

4. Sleep time

5. Grandmas

6. Camping

7. Dance mode

8. Rain

9. Christmas swimming

10. Bin night

“This episode uses cricket, of course, but it’s representative of whatever sport you had growing up that united your family and friends. Some of my favorites ended up there too.”

Libbie Doherty, head of ABC Family & Children and executive producer of Bluey, said: “Confirming what we suspected, ‘Cricket’ is officially Bluey fans’ favorite episode!

‘Joe Brumm and the team at Ludo Studio have captured the spirit of the game so perfectly.

“We hope all the backyard cricketers will give their younger brothers and sisters a chance this summer, just like Rusty did.”

Australia’s second favorite episode is Baby Race, featuring Leigh Sales as the voice of Coco’s mother, who delivers the iconic line all parents need to hear: “You’re doing great.”

Bugalugs pushes Granny Mobile to number three, as Australians show their love for Grouchy Granny, Rita and Janet.

Sleepytime comes in at number four, calming sleep-deprived parents everywhere.

For the second time during the countdown, Rita and Janet appear, while Grandmas complete the countdown in fifth place.

Bluey has big plans for 2024, including a special 28-minute episode called The Sign.

Fans were invited to vote and Australia’s number one favorite episode of Bluey is Cricket (pictured), which was a runaway winner