See the moment Pat Cummins stuns Indian cricket fans with a classy act after winning the World Cup


Pat Cummins’ ‘classy’ post-match act has won the hearts of cricket fans around the world after his Australian team won the World Cup.

The skipper was filmed presenting the trophy to Australia’s Indian support staff, who posed excitedly as Cummins took a photo of the group with a phone.

Indian fans went wild over the humbling post-match moment, with comments on social media praising the captain as a ‘pure gentleman’ and ‘true leader’.

‘That’s very sweet and friendly of him, he’s a great guy. Although today’s results broke me,” one fan commented.

“Beautiful gesture from a great sportsman,” said a second poster.

Cummins’ stylish act was caught on camera when he took a photo of the Australian team’s Indian support staff posing with the World Cup trophy

At one point he paused to tell the staffers to hoist the trophy for one of the photos

“He is a good man, as proven before,” another person replied, referring to the $50,000 donation Cummins made in 2021 to the PM Cares Fund, an initiative to help India fight Covid-19 .

Yet it was the humble, heartwarming moment Cummins shared with the Indian staff after the match that had cricket heads talking.

“How can I hate this man?” one commenter asked.

“Good gesture, he’s such a down-to-earth guy,” a fellow fan commented.

Despite what commentator Ian Smith called a ‘brutal’ loss for the Indian team that ‘broke a billion hearts in the process’, Cummins’ ‘class act’ ended the World Cup on a high note.

It came after Australia had lost their first two matches, spoiling what everyone (at least in India) thought would be a dominant win on home ground for Rohit Sharma’s men.

The Australian skipper was labeled as a ‘good man’ by Indian fans, who were left shocked after their team’s six-wicket loss in Ahmedabad

Cummins is pictured receiving the trophy from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles

Cummins’ teammates also praised the skipper for his leadership and great sportsmanship, with Travis Head labeling the captain’s response to a ‘one-sided’ crowd as an important ‘leadership lesson’.

“The way he reshaped the Indian crowd and the attitude of the Indian crowd and turned it into a challenge,” Head celebrated as Australia was guided to a sixth World Cup victory.

“Words cannot express how happy Australia is with you and the team’s performance,” commented one enthusiastic Aussie fan below.

“What a great captain of the ship.”

Cummins’ kind gesture with the silverware came just minutes after he was involved in some very embarrassing scenes during what some cricket fans called ‘the most awkward trophy presentation ever’.

The skipper was left alone on the stage as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles abruptly left the stage at the ceremony in Ahmedabad following Australia’s stunning six-wicket win over India.

Australia’s Indian support staff stand behind Cummins as he celebrates with the trophy after his underdog team’s victory

The Australian skipper looked embarrassed and confused after being left alone on the podium after the trophy presentation

Cummins appeared surprised as he stood awkwardly on stage with trophy in hand as fireworks went off behind him, watching sheepishly for more than 30 seconds as his teammates shook hands with politicians from the stage.

The rest of the squad eventually joined him and started an overjoyed celebration to celebrate the country’s sixth World Cup title, but the scenes touched the nerves of cricket fans, who took to social media to express their surprise at the scenes.

“Hahaha most awkward trophy presentation of all time,” one fan posted.

“The most awkward trophy presentation in sporting history,” wrote cricket author Peter Della Penna.

“They burned 99% of the fireworks when Modi presented the trophy solo to Cummins and they continue to shoot as Cummins stands alone on stage while Modi goes off stage to shake hands with the rest of the Australian team.”