Netflix fans praise new action drama with 100% Rotten Tomatoes score as ‘the best show it has produced’


Netflix viewers are excited about a brand new Japanese action drama, calling it the “best show” they’ve seen on the platform.

Described as ‘Kill Bill meets Yentl’ by co-creator Amber Noizum; Blue Eyed Samurai follows a mixed-race master of the sword named Mizu (Maya Erskine) as she leaves a bloody trail of revenge.

In remote 17th-century Japan, outsiders are a rarity, except for the occasional illegal trade.

Mizu is looking for revenge for her white father who gave her blue eyes and made her a ‘creature of shame’.

The main character is aware that there were only four white men in Japan at the time of her birth, and she is certain that one must be the father she always resents.

Bloody Revenge: Netflix viewers are blown away by Blue Eyed Samurai who follows the master of the sword named Mizu as she leaves a bloody trail of revenge

Ocean Eyes: Mizu is certain there are only four white men – living in Japan at the time of her birth – who could be her father

But her path to revenge is not smooth sailing as she must camouflage her gender and ocean blue eyes in her quest for revenge.

Along her arduous and blood-stained journey, Mizu is accompanied by Ringo (Masa Oka), an extremely enthusiastic soba maker, Princess Akemi (Brenda Song), and by an arrogant rival samurai named Taigen (Darren Barnet).

The new animated series has not only blown away fans but also charmed critics, with a perfect Rotten Tomato score of 100 percent.

Viewers have taken to

‘Blue Eyed Samurai really is as good as people say. Beautifully written and strikingly animated. Definitely worth bingeing,” a second commented.

Another said: ‘Blue Eyed Samurai is so good, I haven’t felt so many endorphins for a series in a while.’

“No, Blue Eyed Samurai is going crazy,” said one fan: “I don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight.”

The popular show may not be based on true events, but it is inspired by real people.

Outsider: The hero wants revenge on her father for taking her mother and turning her into a ‘creature of shame’

Rave reviews: Netflix fans raved about the new show, calling it “beautifully written” and “strikingly animated”

Husband and wife writing team Amber Noizumi and Michael Green (Logan, Blade Runner 2049) came up with the idea after welcoming their first child into the world.

Noizumi, who is half Japanese, began to wonder why she was so excited when she discovered her daughter had blue eyes.

She said Netflix: ‘What’s so bad about that? And why am I so excited to have a baby who looks whiter?’

This led to discussions between the creative pair about how it would have been illegal to be white during the Edo-Japanese period.

Noizumi said: No one would want to look that white.’

Referring to their daughter, Green added, “We said something like, ‘She’s like a little samurai with blue eyes.’ I wrote that down because I knew it was a good title.”

Blue Eyed Samurai is available on Netflix

Inspired: The show may not be based on real-life events, but it is inspired by the daughter of Blue Eyed Samurai co-creators Amber Noizumi and Michael Green