Paige Spiranac speaks out! Golf’s glamor girl says Ladies PGA Tour ‘HATE how I present the game’ and that the sport ‘is the reason I need therapy’… and thinks she is ‘too risque’ to replace Paul Azinger on NBC Sports

  • Paige Spiranac held a Q&A on Instagram on Tuesday with her millions of followers
  • The 30-year-old spoke on a wide range of topics related to golf
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Paige Spiranac has claimed that there are members of the Ladies PGA Tour who “dislike the way I present myself and the game.”

Golf’s glamor girl took to Instagram to do a Q&A with her 3.9 million followers while she was feeling unwell and in bed, when someone asked her how she ever had “shadow” from the LPGA.

Spiranac replied, “Some of them are really cool and I’ve known about it for a while. Some really hate the way I present myself and the game on social media.

“Empowered women empower other women, so I’m hopeful that one day we can start talking about it soon. I harbor no ill will towards anyone and understand that we have a difference of opinion.

‘However, we are all doing our part to bring attention to the game in our OWN way. Taking each other down only hurts us and the game.

Paige Spiranac has claimed that members of the Ladies PGA Tour ‘hate how I present the game’

Spiranac made the claims during a question and answer session with her 3.9 million Instagram followers

Spiranac said golf is “therapy” for her, but the world’s attitudes mean she needs therapy

Spiranac also addressed the claims she made about Paul Azinger’s replacement at NBC Sports

‘I would like to work with more women on tour and in the media to showcase the immense talent that is out there.’

In a separate response to what she likes and dislikes about golf, Spiranac said, “I have a complicated relationship with golf.

‘It’s my therapy, but also the reason I need therapy. I love how it challenges you mentally and physically. I love how many people I have met through golf and the amazing places it has taken me.

“I hate how stuffy golf can be. How judgmental and closed off some people are in the game. I believe it is changing and getting better, but it is an ongoing struggle to feel accepted in a community that I care so much about.”

Another fan asked Spiranac. 30, about her seemingly throwing her hat in the ring to replace Paul Azinger on NBC Sports.

“I think I would be great if I could commentate and give a new twist,” she replied. “People like fun personalities like Pat McAfee and I think we need more of that in golf.

But the problem always comes down to my brand. People think it’s too risky, but I don’t agree with that.’