Shocking moment a fan at Washington vs Oregon State college football game appears to urinate on the concourse

  • The NSFW moment has gone viral on Reddit since Saturday’s game in Corvallis
  • Fans at the match were shocked to see the man urinating in public
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A fan of the college football game between Washington and Oregon State was shockingly caught urinating in the concourse of Reser Stadium this weekend, it appears.

The NSFW moment has gone viral on Reddit since it was shared on the website on Tuesday.

“I think the bathrooms were out of order at the Husky vs Beaver game,” the clip’s caption read.

“Definitely a solid $200 tap-piss stream.”

In the video, the fan appears to have no qualms about peeing right next to a pole, while other people around him are displeased to see him leaking in public.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, PEOPLE: A Washington-Oregon State fan urinating at Reser Stadium

“What the fuck is happening right now,” you hear a woman say in the images.

“Give me your can,” a man says to another fan, before throwing a coffee cup at the man who is urinating, even though he completely misses him in his attempt.

What’s more is that the urinating fan also casually talks to a few Oregon State fans while still whizzing in front of others.

“This is the most damned thing… are you serious…” added the man who threw the coffee cup.

“Unreal,” said the same woman heard at the beginning of the video.

Washington defeated Oregon State 22-20 on Saturday to extend its winning streak to 11 games

People on Reddit were quick to comment on the viral images, with one user asking: ‘Where’s the security? LOL

‘Do the people around him just not notice what he is doing? They’re way too close.’

“He’s pissing under a table where they’re all standing,” another person commented.

‘I love how no one notices the flowing urine in this disgusting cesspool [American] football, lol,” someone else commented.

Washington ultimately won the game against Oregon State 22-20, extending its winning streak to 11 games. The Huskies are now ranked as the fourth-best college football team in America and tied for first in the Pac-12.