Travis Kelce AGAIN hints at retiring from the NFL on his podcast – but Taylor Swift’s boyfriend refuses to say what injuries cause him pain in case he’s targeted by rival defenses

Travis Kelce has doubled down on the NFL’s retirement talk in the latest New Heights podcast with his brother Jason.

On Monday, Kelce gave a revealing interview to the Wall Street Journal about life off the field — including his romance with Taylor Swift — and said retiring from football is “more on his mind than anyone could ever imagine” because of the impact of 10 matches. operations on his body.

‘That’s the one thing I’ve never really been open about: the discomfort. The pain, Kelce said. “The lingering injuries – the ten surgeries I had and to this day I still feel every surgery.”

Jason Kelce quizzed him about the New Heights comments and joked that it’s usually him and not Travis who hints at stepping back sooner or later.

“Listen, this is my game,” Jason joked, after making similar comments about his time with the Eagles earlier this season. “Don’t steal my move. But you really haven’t talked about it before. This is the first time since your mid-30s that you’ve spoken out about the things that make things difficult.’

Travis Kelce has once again hinted that he is retiring from the NFL due to the impact on his body

Kelce first dropped the hints this week in an interview about life off the court with Taylor Swift

Kelce has many other interests besides football; a new clothing range was released last week

Travis replied, “Yes, I feel it now more than ever. It is what it is.

“The operations are taking their toll, man. They take their toll. I was unlucky enough to have the knee operation, but luckily I haven’t had any problems with that situation since.”

Jason interjected, “I’d say a successful operation. You have been available. I know you missed a game earlier this year, but you’ve been available.”

“1000%,” Travis replied. ‘But they all stick around. And it is what it is.’

Jason responded, “What bothers you the most?”

“I don’t know if I want to say it,” Travis said. “I don’t want to tell, I don’t want to pass this on to the defense.”

Travis is 34 and his current contract with the Chiefs expires in 2024. Jason, meanwhile, is Kelce’s older brother at 36 and signed a new one-year contract to remain in Philadelphia.

The Eagles defeated the Chiefs 21-17 on Monday to go 9-1 on the season, while the Chiefs, last season’s Super Bowl winners, are now 7-3.

Kelce says he’s had 10 surgeries over the course of his career and says ‘they take their toll’

The 34-year-old tight end is a two-time Super Bowl winner and a key figure for the Chiefs

Outside of football, Travis has a growing portfolio of interests, especially in fashion. Last week he released a new clothing range with the Chiefs.

And his fame has risen rapidly in the past three months alone thanks to his romance with Swift.

He also starred in several commercials, most notably Pfizer encouraging people to take the Covid vaccine.

But in the meantime, Kelce, a two-time Super Bowl winner, will focus on getting back to winning ways with the Chiefs.

His team is back in action on Sunday against the Raiders in Las Vegas.