Travis Kelce attacked by ‘good friend’ Jon ‘Stugotz’ Weiner, who says Chiefs fans will turn on him due to Taylor Swift romance ‘unless he gets his act together and focuses on football’


Travis Kelce has been given a warning by Jon ‘Stugotz’ Weiner, who believes it’s only a matter of time before fans turn on him for his off-the-field exploits.

Kelce has struggled for top form in recent weeks and admitted on his New Heights podcast on Wednesday that his form is ‘p***ing’ him after the Chiefs lost to his brother’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles, on Monday night.

It’s set against the backdrop of his newfound fame with Taylor Swift, an extensive interview this week with the Wall Street Journal and appearances in a number of TV commercials.

Stugotz, who called himself “a good friend” of Kelce, publicly criticized him for his off-field activities on the Dan Le Batard Show.

“I have a message for Travis Kelce, Dan, because he’s a friend of mine and I’m telling you right now, he doesn’t know this is going to happen, but it’s about to happen,” he said.

Jon “Stugotz” Weiner has been slamming Travis Kelce in recent weeks for his off-the-field performance

Stugotz thinks Chiefs fans will turn on him because he’s more focused on Taylor Swift

Kelce gave an extensive interview earlier this week about his romance with the singer

“They lose more games, he has a drop, he has a big fumble in that game and a big turnover. Chiefs fans are starting to doubt Travis Kelce.

“If they lose a few more games, they’ll say Travis Kelce isn’t as focused as he has been in years past, he’s more focused on his relationship with Taylor Swift, he’s more focused on his podcast with Jason Kelce and that’s a complete disaster. They beat centers on the air, they’ve never beaten a center like this.

“They show highlights of Jason Kelce pulling and making blocks and when I’m a center I sit at home saying, ‘Hey, I do that every Sunday and no one highlights it for me.

“Back to Travis – I’m telling you it’s coming. Chiefs fans will come at him on sports radio for not being as focused as he has been in recent years. He’s one of the leaders of the team, one of the captains of the team. Everyone will criticize him and say you have lost your focus.

“They’re going to be mad at Travis Kelce. He doesn’t see it coming, he’s new to the game, I’m telling him now it’s coming.”

Stugotz was questioned about his “new to the game” comment, since Kelce is 34 and a two-time Super Bowl winner, but continued, “This is different.

“You have families gathering in suites even though the Swifts didn’t show up (against the Eagles). He is not focused on football. He makes a million commercials.

‘He’s a good friend. It’s just a warning to Travis, my friend, that it’s coming unless you get your act together and start focusing on football again. That’s all I’m saying.

Kelce admitted this week at New Heights that he is frustrated with his recent Chiefs form

Kelce’s Chiefs team was defeated by brother Jason and the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday

‘I do not mind. You’re a Hall of Famer in my book, it doesn’t matter. I think you are one of the big bottlenecks in every football game. But if you don’t think Chiefs fans will turn on you, you’re in for a treat. That’s all I’m saying.’

Underscoring his stance on X, Weiner said, “To be clear, these are not my words, these are the future words of Chiefs fans if this continues. I’m just trying to help a friend. I love you @tkelce.’

Kelce himself has not publicly acknowledged the comments.

His Chiefs team is 7-3 on the season and heads to Vegas to play the Raiders on Sunday.