Colombian actor Kevin Munoz who appeared on Netflix and Apple TV is found tied up and tortured to death

A Colombian actor who appeared in a Netflix film and Apple TV series has been found dead with his hands and feet tied.

The body of Kevin Andres Munoz Tovar was found on Monday in La Playita, in the Colombian city of Tulua.

The actor was found bound hand and foot and suffered several machete wounds in what appeared to be torture, local media reported.

According to local police, a 19-year-old teenager, whose name has not yet been released, has been arrested as a suspect in the murder.

Major Nicolas Guillermo Suarez Plata, of the Tulua Police District, said: “The Valle Police report that, thanks to timely information provided by citizens, an operational police deployment resulted in the arrest of a 19-year-old man. who, a few minutes earlier, would have participated in the murder of Kevin Andres Munoz Tovar, a well-known actor from a Colombian film.

Kevin Andres Munoz Tovar (pictured, left) starred in the Netflix film Lavaperros, which was released to Western audiences as ‘Dogwashers’

His hands and feet were tied and he was attacked with a machete, local police said

Kevin also starred in an Apple TV show called Echo 3, in which he played a minor role

An unidentified 19-year-old has been arrested as a suspect in Kevin’s murder, but police are still investigating

“The subjects who caused the injuries subsequently fled the scene, but thanks to information from the community, one of them was captured.”

Tovar participated as a secondary actor in the 2020 Netflix film ‘Lavaperros’, which was called ‘Dogwashers’ when released for Western audiences, directed by Carlos Moreno, and which focuses on the conflict of a man in financial trouble with a loan shark looking to kill him.

He also took part in the Apple TV series ‘Echo 3’, in which he also had a minor role.

The series follows an American scientist who is kidnapped in Colombia, and her husband and brother’s attempts to rescue her.

The motive for the murder is unknown and the investigation is ongoing.

Tributes to the dead star have poured in since news of his death broke.

One fan said: ‘So much evil, so much pain.’

Another said: ‘My God… how sad! God help his family with this terrible pain.’

A third wrote: ‘My God, poor mother. fly high and rest in peace child. How terrible this news is.’