German bikini bodybuilding champion reveals she must gain 10 KILOGRAMS before the next championships in Las Vegas – as she claims she has to eat every three hours and admits: ‘You have to be a bit crazy to do this job’

A German bikini bodybuilding champion has detailed the grueling regime she has to endure to stay in competition shape – including gaining 10 kilos in preparation for the next tournament and eating every three hours.

Lia Liebing won the world bodybuilding championships in the ‘bikini class’ at the beginning of this month and defended her 2022 title in Berlin, having only practiced the sport since the Covid pandemic.

The 25-year-old had only planned to compete in the official competition this year, but her excellent progress in the gym led to a change of plans.

However, Liebing has had to intervene in her pursuit of the ‘perfect beach body’ as she detailed her demanding training and nutrition plan – which adheres to strict rules for her specific class.

The competitor has a huge social media presence and following – with almost 11,000 followers on Instagram – and treats fans to eye-catching photos of her posing and flexing her muscles and toned physique.

German bikini bodybuilding champion Lia Liebing has detailed her grueling training regime

She has also uploaded many photos and videos of her celebrating with trophies and working hard in the gym to give an idea of ​​how much work goes into her craft.

“This class is really about having the perfect beach body,” she shared Image.

‘According to the regulations, you are allowed to have a little muscle power, but that is all that is allowed to be visible. It must be a beautiful and sporty total package.’

At the competition in Berlin, Liebing weighed 56.6kg, but said she only had seven percent body fat left and that she could not maintain the same lifestyle all year round as it would damage her health.

“You cannot and should not continue this for too long,” she said. ‘I only had seven percent body fat. That would be unhealthy if you kept it all year round.’

Liebing said she was left with just seven per cent body fat after her recent victory in Berlin – and admitted ‘you have to be crazy to do this job’

Part of her tournament preparations include eating every three hours and gaining 20 pounds in the run-up to the next World Bodybuilding Championships in Las Vegas.

Liebing will then start slimming down shortly before the tournament starts to ensure she has the right tone for her body, with not too much muscle.

“About three to four months before the next World Championships in Las Vegas, I will lose weight again to get into competitive shape,” she said, adding, “You have to be a little crazy to play this sport.”

In addition to Instagram, Liebing also has a subscriber base on YouTube with nearly 3,500 followers, where she uploads fitness videos and clips of her competition appearances.

She is also a representative of the bodybuilding clothing brand Raize and the German supplement company Vitaminversand24.