I’m a runner, I love bone conduction headphones – so I’m getting a new pair of Shokz for Black Friday

The Black Friday deals have hit the best bone conduction headphones, and I’m going to buy a pair of Shokz OpenRun Pros. While I was testing them for Ny Breaking, they definitely changed the way I run, so I want to have a pair of my own. With greater spatial awareness of cars, bikes and pedestrians I definitely feel safer on the road, which means I feel more comfortable, which means I run more often.

As someone who lives in a busy part of London, I don’t always have the luxury of quiet parks and streets, especially on longer journeys. This means I have to be aware of more than the stats on my best Garmin watch (by the way, I recommend checking out the Black Friday Garmin deals if you’re looking for running gear): I have to think about cars while I crossing the road, cyclists or electric scooters that can close behind me, and all kinds of other things.