Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp takes out his frustration over early kick-off for Saturday’s title clash at Man City by jokingly grabbing Sky Sports reporter in a headlock during training


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp expressed his frustration over the scheduling of Saturday’s crunch clash against Manchester City by jokingly restraining a Sky Sports reporter during training on Thursday.

The Reds boss was left furious after they were shown Saturday’s match at 12.30pm straight after the international break for the third time in a row this season.

The match at the Etihad between the Premier League’s top two starts just over 72 hours after players from both sides were involved in the South American World Cup qualifiers, including Brazil against Argentina, more than six thousand miles away.

Klopp criticized the Premier League and television companies over the planning of the crucial title clash.

Although the real reason for the early kick-off is due to security concerns following recent problems with fans during the match, Klopp still took out his frustration on the broadcasters.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp with Sky Sports reporter Vinny O’Connor on Thursday

As Klopp spoke to O’Connor during training, he grabbed the reporter in a playful headlock

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While speaking to Sky Sports’ Vinny O’Connor during a session at their training ground, Klopp playfully grabbed the reporter.

“Thanks for the 12:30!” he joked as he delivered a gentle jab to O’Connor’s stomach.

Sky Sports had in fact requested a 5.30pm kick-off for the top-flight match, but this was turned down after consultation with the police.

Britain’s two main sports channels have therefore effectively swapped slots, with Sky Sports taking over the 12.30 slot usually broadcast on TNT Sports, while Brentford vs. Arsenal on the latter kicks off at 5.30pm.

Recent matches between the two sides have caused disturbances, including an episode in which a 15-year-old girl was left ‘scarred for life’ after being hit by a pint cup weighed down with coins sent from Liverpool’s supporters’ section to the home fans were thrown during the game. the Carabao Cup match last December.

During the Premier League match at Anfield in October, City coach Pep Guardiola claimed he was targeted with coins, while the club said their team bus was also attacked, with damage to the windscreen.

Similarly, City fans were accused of vandalizing the Anfield end and chanting Hillsborough chants.

As a result, the local safety advisory group, which includes law enforcement authorities, expressed reservations about allowing the match to start late on Saturday, and opted to reschedule the match to limit potential risks.

There were a number of disturbances during the Carabao Cup match at the Etihad in December

During the match, the 15-year-old girl was left ‘scarred for life’ after a pint cup, weighted with coins, was thrown from the Liverpool section at the home fans

Earlier last season, Pep Guardiola claimed he was targeted with coins as City lost at Anfield, and City said their team bus was also attacked, with damage to the windscreen pictured (right)


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