LG’s next-gen OLED TVs will get a nice gaming upgrade to match Samsung TVs

With just a few weeks to go before CES 2024, details of some new TVs are starting to leak – and those TVs include LG’s 2024 OLED TV series. If AMD’s FreeSync database is accurate, it looks like we can expect at least one gaming improvement in the next generation of OLEDs, which will almost certainly be called the LG B4, LG C4, and LG G4.

According to the database, the LG C4 and LG G4 support 144Hz VRR via HDMI. That’s an increase from 120 Hz in current models. It’s not relevant to gaming consoles – the PS5 and Xbox Series It will also bring LG’s TVs on par with Samsung’s, which already largely support 144Hz refresh rates.

How did the LG OLED TV details leak?