Retrolife SY101 Turntable – The Best $300 Turntable Option

Retrolife SY101 turntable has a modern design with external 36W stereo speakers. It can be connected via Bluetooth.

Retrolife SY101 Turntable

Recently, I’ve been researching information about turntables from different brands in the market. I’m considering getting one for my daily use. Despite having various audio devices, my love for vinyl records remains strong. A suitable turntable not only serves as a decoration at home but also becomes the perfect electronic device to enjoy leisure time with music. For beginners or casual collectors, there’s nothing wrong with buying a stylish and appealing turntable that captures your heart. However, I’m now ready to truly start caring for my collection with a turntable that can smoothly and steadily play my vinyl records.

Among all the turntable brands online, I’ve noticed an emerging brand: Retrolife Turntable SY101. Priced at less than $300, the SY101 embraces modern aesthetics while retaining a vintage touch with its brown design. It provides excellent sound quality when playing vinyl records. It features fully automatic wireless belt drive (a small belt that rotates the turntable platter) and connects to external speakers. The product quality of Retrolife Turntable has received positive reviews from many consumers.

Retrolife SY101 Turntable2

Photo-from customer Mary Madden

Retrolife SY101 Turntable3

Photo-from customer Spencer Sutherland

According to the description on the official Retrolife website, the SY101 turntable system includes external 36W speakers to enhance performance, creating a balanced and immersive listening experience. Its classic wooden appearance blends perfectly with your bookshelves or furniture. If you’re looking for an affordable turntable with high-quality sound and a retro design, the Retrolife SY101 vinyl record player is a great choice. It comes with Bluetooth input, 2 speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM, and a pre-installed ATN3600L needle.

SY101 Turntable Specification

Model: SY101

Power supply: AC Power Adaptor, DC Output 15V 2.4A

Turntable platter: Iron

Tonearm system: 7.08inch HiFi grade Tonearm

Cartridge: Audio Technica ATN3600 moving magnet cartridge

Counterweight: Adjustable

Phono amplifier: Built-in HIFI grade MM power amplifier

RCA: Output


Speed: 2-Speed (33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm)

SNR: 72dB

Power Consumption: 70W

When you buy a house, you purchase various furnishings for the best overall experience. It’s unrealistic to have an empty house without furniture, and it’s also awkward to place luxurious furniture in a run-down home. There’s always a sense of imbalance. I bought a Retrolife SY101, and the feeling when I received it was truly wonderful. I even got a suitable table for it. Considering my budget, I ordered the Retrolife RMD1 33-inch turntable stand for my living room decor, priced at $194.99. The stand and turntable match perfectly.

Retrolife SY101 Turntable4

What’s in the Box?

1*UD006 Turntable

1*Turntable lid

1*Dual Speakers


1*Pre-installed Cartridge

1*Power Cord

1*Audio Cable

1*USB Cable

1*User Manual

Above is all the content of the packaging, and it took only five minutes to assemble. It can be said to be very simple, requiring minimal assembly—just connecting the product’s circuits. So, I have officially embarked on a journey with this emerging online brand, Retrolife. Immediately, I enjoyed the sound of Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” as if it were my first time listening. Of course, if you are worried about the prospect of setting up the turntable, don’t worry: this turntable is indeed very simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Q&A (There are 7 questions; I randomly selected two.)

Q1: Is it normal for speakers to have a little bit of static once turned on?

A1: Yes, it’s normal if there’s only a little bit of static. When different parts of a record player, such as the belt, platter, or cartridge, come into contact with each other or the record, friction can occur, leading to the generation of static electricity. This usually occurs when the turntable is rotating because the contact between the turntable and the record causes friction. If you still have concerns about this, please email our after-sales support at [email protected].

Q2: I just set everything up, but no sound is coming out of the provided speakers? All the chords are plugged in.

A2: Hello Scott, there may be the following two reasons for the speed being too fast, please check step by step: 1. Switch to PHONO when you use the paired bookshelf speakers. 2. Check if you connect the provided speakers correctly, correspond to the black wire and red wire to connect the speakers correctly. Please send your order number and video to our after-sales email [email protected] if the issue is still not resolved.

Popular Reviews from Retrolife SY101

Review 1: Fantastic turntable, great value for money

Reviewer: Nancy Verified Purchase Rating: 5.0 stars (out of 5) Date: October 10, 2022

I researched for a long time to find a device that was cool, attractive, and sounded great. I’m glad I chose Retrolife. After setting it up for about 15 minutes, I turned it on and just smiled wildly. The finish is beautiful, and the sound is great. I highly recommend this unit to anyone who wants to go back to vinyl like I did.

Review 2: High cost-performance, excellent sound quality, beautiful appearance!

Reviewer: Jared Verified Purchase Rating: 5.0 stars (out of 5) Date: September 16, 2022

Got this as a gift for my boyfriend, and he absolutely loves it. This was his first record player, and I wanted to find myself something high quality at a reasonable price. For the price, it’s perfect! I’m brand new to vinyl, and this is exactly what I was looking for. I also like that it’s Bluetooth compatible. The sound is perfect, but definitely worth listening to. The sound quality is excellent, and the volume actually gets pretty loud. 100% recommended.

How is the price of Retrolife SY101?

The price on the official website is $319.99 USD, Save $50.00 USD, making the final price $269.99 USD. As a turntable under $300, Retrolife SY101 can be said to offer excellent value for money. It also comes with two 18W speakers, uses the ATN3600L cartridge. Compared to other brands of turntables, my purchase this time can be considered very cost-effective.

People who should seriously consider purchasing Retrolife SY101 include:

Nostalgia Lovers – If you love the feeling of putting a record on your record player and hearing the pop before the music starts, you will absolutely go crazy and fall in love with this quaint piece of technological history.

Record Lover – Do you have a bunch of old records lying around your house or apartment? It’s time to finally pick up a new record player so you can listen to your favorite bands and musicians in the quiet comfort of your home.

Elegance Seeker – This modern looking hybrid turntable brings an elegance to your home that you never knew you had. Your guests will comment on your charming vintage record player, your vintage record collection, and they will love the ambience and experience it provides.