China in a bull shop: One of the largest Chinese tech companies has announced a ‘game-changing’ 3,072-core RISC-V server that used an indigeneous CPU — on US soil

Chinese tech giant Alibaba has claimed that it has built the first commercial server powered by a processor designed based on Chinese technology RISC-V CPU architecturewho astonishingly announced this news in the US at this year’s RISC-V Summit.

As reported by HPCThread, the system, created using an indigenous Sophon SG2042 chip, is a massive 3,072-core, 48-node server deployed at Shandong University in China. It is the first commercial cloud-centric server built with RISC-V processors. Each processor has 64 cores, with a frequency of 2 GHz, 64 MB system cache and connectivity via PCIe 4.0.