MacBook Air 2024: latest news, rumors and what we want to see

The latest MacBook Air is leaking

– Expected to debut in 2024, perhaps at WWDC
– Will have an M3 chip in it (of course)
– Not allowed to bring another one important changes
– Cannot upgrade to an OLED screen

With the M3 chip coming out and powering new MacBook Pro models (and that iMac 24-inch), expectations are certainly high that Apple will introduce this newly launched silicon to power the MacBook Air in 2024.

It’s fully expected that we’ll see a refreshed MacBook Air in 2024, but what else will this laptop package save for the obvious M3 upgrade? That’s what we’ll be exploring here, as well as all the gossip about release dates, pricing and everything else you might want to know about the next-gen Air.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Apple’s next generation MacBook Air laptop
  • When is it out? Early to mid 2024
  • How much is it? We suspect that prices are likely to remain at current levels

MacBook Air 2024 Rumored Release Date and Price