Neymar SCREAMS in pain as footage emerges of Brazilian star putting in the work to recover from devastating ACL injury suffered in World Cup qualifier last month

  • Neymar screamed in pain as footage showed a worrying ACL recovery
  • The Brazilian attacker, 31, is out for up to ten months due to an injury
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Brazilian star Neymar, 31, was captured screaming in pain in disturbing footage as he struggles with the aftermath of his cruciate ligament injury.

Neymar suffered the injury during a World Cup qualifier against Uruguay in October.

The Brazilian forward, who left the field in tears, suffered cruciate ligament and meniscus damage, leading to surgery that could sideline him for 10 months.

Although Neymar is likely to miss the rest of the Saudi Pro League season, he remains hopeful about competing in the Copa America in June.

Newly released footage documents Neymar’s early stages of rehabilitation, with moments of intense pain as he receives medical attention.

Newly released footage shows Neymar screaming in pain as he recovers from his injury

His rehabilitation coach is heard cheering him on in the background as Neymar suffers pain

Neymar was captured in harrowing footage screaming in pain as he struggled with a cruciate ligament injury

Footage shows Neymar’s early stages of recovery from cruciate ligament injury

Neymar left the field in tears after suffering a cruciate ligament injury while on international duty with Brazil

The attacker will be out for ten months and will miss the national competition for club Al-Hilal

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In the video, Neymar can be heard crying out in pain, urging doctors to be careful during treatment.

Despite the challenging recovery process, Neymar is determined to get back to fitness, with his rehabilitation coach offering words of encouragement at the back of the video.

Neymar’s injury came just two months after he signed a lucrative £2.5 million-a-week contract with Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal.

While sidelined for the domestic season, Neymar is likely to earn £107 million from his contract.

Despite his absence, Al-Hilal, with star players such as Aleksandar Mitrovic, Kalidou Koulibaly and Ruben Neves, currently leads the Saudi Pro League rankings and remains undefeated in 13 league matches with 11 wins and two draws.


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