Strictly viewers fear Angela Scanlon will be the next dancer leaving the competition after she was dealt devastating blow

Angela Rippon

Age: 78

Profession: Journalist

Angela says: ‘Having been a Strictly fan since day one and as a former presenter of Come Dancing, this will be quite an adventure for me. A scary one, as I’m about to turn 79. But I’m looking forward to the challenge and perhaps the opportunity to learn to dance the Argentine Tango.’

Layton Williams

Age: 28

Profession: Actor

Layton says: ‘Absolutely exciting to confirm that I will be taking part in Britain’s most iconic dancing competition! It’s time to take it to the ballroom. I’m so excited to learn new skills from the best. Bring on the sequins… ALL the sequins!”

Age: 53

Profession: Journalist

Krishnan says: ‘I’m surprised, delighted and slightly confused that I’m joining Strictly on the basis of ‘You only live once!’ I can’t wait to start dancing, but I’m a little worried about my general decline.”

Age: 40

Profession: Comedian and radio host

Eddy says: ‘WOW. Anyone who knows me understands that music and dance are so important and central to who I am. I’m so incredibly proud and honored that Strictly and the BBC have asked me to join the 2023 team. I promise I’ll give you everything I’ve got. This is going to be a VIBE.

Angela Scanlon

Age: 39

Profession: TV presenter

Angela says:I’m not particularly fit, I have no idea how my pelvic floor will react to this dancing. I’ve never danced, apart from drunkenly jiving at a wedding!’

Adam Thomas

Age: 34

Profession: Actor and presenter

Adam says: ‘I can’t dance to save my life, but I like to learn and laugh with my professional. Take me to the dance floor… I can’t wait!’

Age: 22

Profession: Coronation Street star

Ellie says: ‘It still doesn’t feel real that I’m going to do Strictly!! It’s always been a dream of mine, so I guess dreams really do come true!!!!’

Age: 20

Profession: EastEnders star and model

Bobby says: ‘I’m so excited to be part of the Strictly line-up, I can’t wait to start training as a professional dancer and add a few moves to my locker. I look forward to performing for everyone.”

Nigel Harman

Age: 49

Profession: Actor

Nigel says: ‘I’m amazed, excited and terrified to be doing Strictly. As an armchair fan of the show, I watched in awe as people twisted and turned around the screen. And now it’s my turn…gulp!’

Age: 57

Profession: Announcer and ex-tennis player

Annabel says: ‘I’ve always loved watching Strictly and can’t quite believe I’m going to be part of this magical show – swapping tennis balls for glitter balls and I’m looking forward to finding some joy in the process.’