The 7 best Black Friday TV deals: $1,100 off OLED TVs, $99 smart TVs

There are naysayers who are thinking Black Friday deals its a hoax. To them, Black Friday TV deals, in particular, don’t offer anything more than a slightly higher discount than what you would normally see at the end of the year, as the supply of 2023 TVs is liquidated in anticipation of the new models arriving in 2024. I’m here to prove them wrong.

The Black Friday discounts we’re seeing on the best TVs are remarkably good this year, with sales like this $1,300 off the 85-inch Samsung Q80C QLED TVand this $99 40-inch TCL Fire TV are among the best deals. In between we find gemstones such as a Samsung S90C OLED TV for $1,299 and a 65-inch Hisense U8K mini LED TV for $896a discount of 36%.