NAP TIME!!!, burgers with ‘becon’ on Cinco de ‘Meyo’ and THAT tweet about a ‘squirle’… the best Travis Kelce Twitter posts from 2009-2011 fans have found since Taylor Swift romance

Taylor Swift fans are always rooting for their idol, especially when it comes to her relationships, and her three-month romance with Travis Kelce is no different.

So it was only a matter of time before Swifties dug into Travis Kelce’s old tweets.

The pop icon and the NFL star have been the talk of America since they started dating in September, with Swift cheering on her boyfriend at Chiefs games and Kelce joining the singer in Argentina where she gave a shoutout to ‘the man at the top’. Chiefs’, during her live performance of ‘Karma’, and their very public kiss, after the concert.

What’s more is that Kelce recently revealed in a… Wall Street Journal interview that not only is his girlfriend a ‘genius’, but that he also ‘learns’ from her every day.

Winning over her fans since September, Swifties has decided to conduct a digital background test on the two-time Super Bowl champion, delving into his old tweets, which are more than a decade old. But like most celebrities who take a trip down memory lane when their posts come to light again, there are some funny comments from their younger selves. looks at Kelce’s online diary when he felt 22 (or 21).

Travis Kelce with older brother, Jason, as college students. of Cincinnati Bearcats

LOVE IS IN THE AIR: Kelce and Taylor Swift on a date night in New York City on October 15

Kelce is looking for his brother Jason as Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni pets him

Once emphasizing the importance of naps in maintaining his healthy bodyKelce was ecstatic when he took one back on February 1, 2010, while serving a one-year suspension from college.

Kelce didn’t even play an entire season of college football 13 years ago due to a violation of team rules, which later revealed he failed a drug test by testing positive for marijuana.

So, with all the time in the world in his hands, the eight-time Pro Bowler tweeted on the first day of the second month of that year: “NAP TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Hopefully it was a nap to remember, for Kelce’s sake.

With all the time in the world at his disposal due to a 2010 ban, Kelce tweeted, “NAP TIME!!!!!!!”

Who would have thought that Kelce, originally from Westlake, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, had an affinity for nature and animals, despite misspelling squirrels.

On April 14, 2011, the Chiefs tight end tweeted: I just gave a squirrel a piece of bread and he smashed everything!!!! I didn’t know they ate bread like that!! Haha #crazy

Obviously, not knowing how to spell a piece correctly is definitely #crazy.

The Chiefs tight end once shared his experience giving a ‘squirle’ a ‘piece’ break in 2011

In the US, Cinco de Mayo has become a way to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage, despite the holiday not being as popular south of the US border.

But that is not so important for the Americans, and certainly for Kelce, because on May 5, 2011 he demanded from X a ‘large glass of #DosAquis and a BBQ becon burger’.

To make matters worse, the then 21-year-old wished all his fans from Mexico and of Mexican descent a “Happy Cinco De Meyo!!!!”

Oh dear….

DON’T WATCH: Kelce hilariously misspelled Dos Equis – a brand of beer – bacon and Cinco de Mayo

It’s not easy being a college student.

Young adults, ranging from ages 18 to 22, must take classes, participate in extracurricular activities, and keep up with their social circles as they try to figure out their next steps in adulthood, both from a personal and professional standpoint.

Kelce certainly gave fans a glimpse into his life as a player for the Cincinnati Bearcats, tweeting, “Went from class to therapy, now I need some #chipolte then off to check out my new apartment!!”

Kelce misspelled the name of the restaurant chain, but Chipotle honored his mistake by changing the name of the Kansas City location.

The two-time Super Bowl champion misspelled Chipotle while he was in college

Having previously revealed that he consumes a 4,000 calorie per day diet, Kelce enjoys ordering from eateries with various locations across the US, as indicated in his Chipolte tweet.

So on June 27, 2011, he and his father went to enjoy a meal at Olive Garden – a casual restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American cuisine.

‘Upstairs in Olive Garden with Dad! Had to get the Fettucini with the Chicken Alredo! #shmackin’

Hopefully Kelce has realized by now that the dish is spelled ‘fettucine’.

“It’s a love story, say ‘when,’” Oliver Garden tweeted in response to Kelce’s 12-year-old endorsement of his food.

Olive Garden published a tweet on X earlier this month about Kelce’s approval of its food

Nobody likes to lose their phone.

But in 2010, finding electronic devices wasn’t as easy as it is today, although Kelce tweets when he loses his phone, as he claims he did.

‘NOW CRAZY!!!’ he shared.

‘Can’t find my phone! Either someone got me for it, or I just missed it, but either way, I’m phoneless now!’

Thank goodness for autocorrect these days, right Trav’?

OH, DEAR: Kelce Tweeted His Frustration Over Losing His Phone After ‘Missing It’

Arguably the most popular pair of NFL brothers since Eli and Payton Manning, Jason and Travis Kelce have always shown love for each other, despite facing off in the Super Bowl earlier this year.

They even attended the University of Cincinnati together, with the younger of the two siblings once tweeting during his sophomore year, “haha man my brother has to be one of the funniest guys in the world, he’s a class comedy” A’. at any time of the day.’

If that isn’t brotherly love, then nothing is.

BROTHER LOVE: Even though he’s not from Philadelphia, Kelce has always shown love for Jason

When Kelce read this tweet from thirteen years ago this fall, hopefully a grin appeared on his face, because even he couldn’t possibly imagine knowing that he would win the Vince Lombardi Trophy twice in his career, as well as dating a pop star.

Before reaching the top echelons of pro football, the member of the NFL 2010s All-Decade Team once shared on X, “The moon looks crazy tonight…

‘I’m going to relax here for a moment and visualize my success and atmosphere in the landscape.’

That sure worked out for one of the greatest tight ends of all time, didn’t it?

Hopefully this tweet put a smile on Kelce’s face when he rereads it since he shared it in 2010

Kelce once revealed that his breakfast dish on game days is French toast.

But that hasn’t always been the case, as the four-time First-team All-Pro tweeted his love for a classic Southern dish in 2010.

‘I HOPE!!!!!’ he shared. ‘I like to come here for breakfast!

“Ummm, I think I’ll have the T-bone steak n eggs please!” Haha with some white toast!’

Kelce once shared his favorite breakfast dish, French toast, but that wasn’t always the case

Weighing 250 pounds and standing 6 feet tall, it’s hard to imagine Kelce would be comfortable in a go-kart.

He also shared the same concerns in the past, tweeting: “About to go goat cart racing…”

‘Haha I hope I fit in the cart!!’

One of the best of all time in his position, the pun worked great!

Kelce, 34, once used a pun to express his concerns about not fitting into a go-kart in 2011