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A weighted dragon plush is a perfect gift for anyone who loves mythical creatures. It offers comfort and an aura of fantasy, reducing stress and anxiety.

It also makes a great tactile sensory fidget toy for wiggly kiddos and stressed out teens-adults. It’s surface washable and scented with soothing lavender.


The weighted dragon plush is made with premium fabric that exudes softness. It has a layer of polyester filling that makes it extra soft and squishy. It also has a layer of poly fill around the weighted beads to ensure that it’s safe for kids and adults. It’s a great companion for any dragon aficionado, whether young or old!

Like a weighted blanket, the best-selling weighted dragon stuffed animal offers anti-anxiety and calming benefits. It has been shown to reduce stress, promote sleep, and improve mood. It also provides deep pressure touch stimulation to the skin that releases serotonin and dopamine, which helps to calm and soothe individuals.

Another way to make a weighted dragon is by creating pouches of weighted materials inside the body and attaching them at different points. This method is ideal for a plush with more complicated contours, as it allows the weighted materials to conform to the shape of the body.

Pillowfort weighted dragons are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cuddle. These adorable animals combine the therapeutic advantages of a weighted plush with the allure of mythology, making them the ultimate companions for adventurers of any age. They’re also great for children and adults who struggle with anxiety or stress.


Unlike weighted blankets, these plush toys are meant to be cuddled and played with. They provide a gentle, calming sensation that helps calm kids and adults. This is especially useful for those with anxiety, depression, and stress. They are also a great alternative to a calming blanket during hot summer nights.

Creating a weighted stuffed animal is simple. The only difference between a regular stuffed animal and a weighted one is that it needs to be filled with a heavier material. You can do this by stuffing it like you normally would but adding extra weights in the body cavities or by attaching little beanbags of weighted materials to the interior of the stuffed animal. The latter is particularly helpful with patterns that have large body cavities, such as the narwhal, crow, or penguin pattern.

The size of the stuffed animal is important because it will determine how much weight to add. The smallest ones are around 1.15lbs, which is enough to help relieve anxiety and promote relaxation. The larger ones are over 2.5lbs, which is a good size for adults. Regardless of the size, the weighted animal should be machine washable and dryer safe for easy cleaning. This is a must for any type of plush, but especially with these since they will be subjected to more wear and tear than other types.


Like a weighted blanket, the calming effects of this dragon plush help to relieve anxiety and stress. Its deep-pressure touch stimulation is known to release serotonin and dopamine, leading to feelings of comfort and relaxation. It also helps to improve mood, sleep, and overall well-being. This unisex stuffed animal is perfect for kids and adults alike.

It is machine washable and dryer safe for easy care. It comes in a variety of colors and can be used as a calming sensory fidget or for sleeping support. Unlike other plushies, these are crafted with quality materials and feature double stitching for added durability. They are a great option for kids who have trouble falling asleep or are prone to fidgeting during class.

A simple way to make a weighted stuffed animal is to create pouches inside the body and fill them with weighted materials. Another technique is to attach little beanbags of weighted materials to different points inside the body. However, keep in mind that whatever you put in your stuffed animal is going to want to roll down into the lowest points of the animal due to gravity. So, you will have to be careful to evenly distribute the weighted materials throughout your stuffed animal.


Weighted dragon plush are great for reducing anxiety and stress, improving mood and sleep, promoting calmness, boosting serotonin and dopamine, and helping with sensory integration. They provide a deep-pressure touch stimulation on the skin that releases the feel-good chemicals in your body, and can make you feel like you’re being hugged or cuddled, leading to feelings of safety and comfort.

These cute little stuffed dragons are all over Social Media, and for good reason! They’re super soft and extra cuddleable, and they’re weighted with glass beads to create a soothing and calming experience. The perfect gift for any dragon fan, ages 3 and up!

If you’re looking to make your own weighted stuffed animal, it’s pretty simple. Just stuff the animal like you normally would, but leave a space in the body cavity and add a sewn beanbag filled with weighted material to the spot where you’d like to add more weight. This method is similar to how people make weighted blankets, but it’s better suited to stuffed animals with more complex shapes than those found on a narwhal or crow pattern for example.

The best part is, these weighted stuffed animals are completely machine washable and dryer safe! They’re also made from high-quality materials and double stitched for durability. Just be sure to use a low heat setting when washing, and let them air dry.

Weighted Dragon Stuffed Animal

Unleashing the mythical allure of a fiery dragon, this weighted stuffed animal is a cuddle companion for adventurers of all ages. Whether to combat anxiety or simply indulge in a calming presence, our best-selling weighted dragon plush is a true delight.

Our weighted stuffed animals are made to be as soft and plush as possible. They contain a full body casing filled with glass beads to ensure a secure and safe experience for all. We also add a layer of poly fill around the bead casing for additional comfort.

Similar to a weighted blanket, the weighted dinosaur provides a deep-pressure touch stimulation on the skin that releases serotonin and dopamine, helping alleviate stress and anxiety. These sensory toys are machine washable and dryer safe for easy cleaning.